Team behind TVLatest opens CyclingPub - The latest from the world of cycling
Jul 21 2016 06:11 pm CET

The creators of TVLatest have expanded their horizons by opening their new project CyclingPub. By doing so, they aim to offer the latest news on the world of road cycling.

CyclingPub is in fact a successor to a previous cycling related project, CyclingPost, which ran as a news site from 2005 to 2008 before temporarily turning into a cycling prediction game.

With CyclingPub, the creators plan to offer more than just news as results, statistics, interviews and features are also scheduled to be added to the website in the coming months.

Although the site was up and running earlier this year, coverage truly started during the Tour de France which is currently taking place. The race has allowed CyclingPub's team to generate interest in the site and its related social media (Facebook and Twitter).

The team plans to cover both the big races and the small, in order to give its regular visitors access to news and results from events of all levels of importance from the Tour de France to the smaller regional races.

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