How to watch global Netflix using SmartDNS
Aug 16 2014 10:36 am CET

Do you have a Netflix account and you have wondered how you can watch content from different countries? Overplay may just have the answer for you.

If you're currently subscribed to Netflix you may notice that other countries offer different movies and series. But you still want to watch them, right? You can't access the US version from the Netherlands or the UK version from Mexico.

Actually, you can. You just need a little trick for it and that trick is called Overplay's SmartDNS.

After subscribing to Overplay, you only need to change a few simple settings in internet connection and that's it: You'll have access to any Netflix locale you can wish for. In addition, you'll be able to access Hulu Plus, BBC's iPlayer, ITV, Scandinavian TV, Dutch TV, Australian TV and so much more.

One of the huge advantages of SmartDNS is that you can easily make it work on many devices that connect to the internet, such as your iPhone, Playstation and XBox.

For more information on Overplay's SmartDNS and VPN service, visit their webpage.

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