Eurovision Song Contest preview: Azerbaijan
May 05 2014 08:29 pm CET

As the time of Eurovision approaches, it's time to take a look at yet another participating song: That of Azerbaijan.

This country participated for the first time in 2008 and has missed the top five only once since. Its biggest achievement came in 2011 when Ell & Nikki won the competition with the song "Running scared". But, will be this the year where the trophy goes back to Baku?

Possibly not, although the song is expected to finish in the top ten according to bookmakers. But in general, Eurovision fans find it boring and the big shade of the doubt hangs over the country when is about the voting, which may keep a lot of people from giving it their support.

Azerbaijan's song for Eurovision 2014 is "Start a Fire" and it is interpreted by singer/actress Dilara Kazimova. With that title, we would expect something indeed fire-y, but on the contrary it is slow and plain and definitely fire is the last thing that comes to mind when listening to it or watching its video.

Though the vocals are good and we have the chance to listen to the national musical instrument "balaban", it can be on the boring side and repetitive. And it is impossible to look at its video seriously without being distracted by the incapability of Dilara to lip-sync.

Hopefully the live performance of this song is a lot less boring, otherwise we could always watch some more images of the balaban on the background and be more entertained.

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