Eurovision Song Contest preview: Armenia
Mar 27 2014 11:27 am CET

Armenia may come in second alphabetically but for bookmakers and many Eurovision fans this song is the top favorite to win this year's Song Contest.

The country will be represented by the song "Not Alone" performed by the singer Aram Mp3. Though his real name is Aram Sargsyan, he added the Mp3 almost a decade ago when he started working as a comedian.

But this song is not a joke and since it was released it has become one of the most viewed and heard entry of all, maybe because of the piano-ballad mixed with dubstep or maybe because of the encouraging lyrics for those listeners that feel lonely.

Not Alone was chosen in February by Armenian TV, two months after they had already announced that Aram will represent the nation in Copenhagen. The song will feature in the first semi final, on may 6th, and it is the first of the night. Surely it will be engraved in our brains by the day of the final, including all the snippets played during voting time.

This would be the first male solo winner of Eurovision since Alexander Rybak in 2009 and surely Aram's charisma on stage earned by his work as presenter for X Factor and Armenian Idol, will help him put the public in his pocket. He may even get luckier than in his video, where he gets to kiss the lead girl just seconds after parking his car next to hers.

By: Mari Roorda

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