EBU explains voting for Eurovision Song Contest
Mar 21 2014 07:33 pm CET

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has released a video in which it explains the voting procedure for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark.

The video explains that viewers can vote by telephone, SMS or by using the official app, after which the votes are sent to the Voting Control Centre. Here, 70 experts and an advanced computer system manage the counting of valid votes. This procedure is monitored by independent observers of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

For each country, these votes are then combined by those of a professional jury, which consists of five music industry professionals overlooked by a notary. The names of these judges will be revealed on May 1st, five days before the first semi final takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The combined votes will then result in the well known points system, with the most voted country receiving 12 points. The runner-up gets 10 points followed by eight points for number three, continuing all the way down to 1 point. The entire process is monitored by the Eurovision Song Contest Executive Supervisor.

Shortly after the final on May 10th, all final and semi final results will be published in the contest's official website, Eurovision.tv.

You will find the EBU video below.

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