Fox Tuesday Fall TV: Dads, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, The Mindy Project
Aug 27 2013 07:51 am CET

Fox will continue to work with a Tuesday night comedy block in the fall. New comedies Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nine will join Tuesday tentpole New Girl and the sophomore season of The Mindy Project.

Dads (New Series)

Seth MacFarlane's third series on Fox this season is one of the most controversial of the new series to debut this year. The Television Critics Association summer tour earlier this month latched onto the racism of the pilot of Dads, which is featured prominently in the trailer above. Although the show runners assured the critics at the panel that the tone of the show will be recalibrated, the bigger issue for Fox will be whether or not MacFarlane's fanbase will tune in for a live-action, multicam sitcom.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (New Series)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is quickly becoming one of the new entries I'm most looking forward to this season. I'm rather ambivalent about Andy Samberg and the premise seems cliche, but the supporting cast looks fantastic. Also, judging from the trailer, this series may take the conventions we have come to expect from a Law & Order type series and tweak them for all their comedic potential. The production also has a strong pedigree, with writers from Parks and Recreation sitting in the show runners' chairs. I will be setting my DVR.

New Girl (Season 3)

The breakout comedy of two years ago lost some of its momentum last season, though New Girl remains a critical darling. This season, Jess and Nick try to figure out their relationship while Schmidt and CeCe explore their options, Winston will also make moves to avoid the single life.

The Mindy Project (Season 2)

After an incredibly rocky first season of a revolving door cast and meandering plotlines with difficult-to-like characters, The Mindy Project may have finally settled down and picked a direction for season two. The second season is the toughest for any show, so there is additional pressure for Kaling's show to do well. The above trailer doesn't fill me with confidence, but nuance doesn't exactly fit into a 30-second spot.

The new Fox Tuesday lineup debuts on September 17.

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