Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 11 Recap: Confessions
Aug 25 2013 10:59 pm CET

On this week's Breaking Bad there's a potential new kingpin rolling into town, the rift between the Whites and the Schraders grows, and Jesse Pinkman realizes some hard truths about Walt.

The episode opens following last week's massacre at Declan's meth lab. Todd calls Walter while standing outside a cafe on Route 66, giving the former kingpin a heads-up that any rumors about a change in management are true. Inside, Todd regales his Uncle and associate with the story about the Great Train Robbery (leaving out the part where he shot and killed the kid). The trio have Declan's methylamine and are headed back to New Mexico.

Hank and Jesse chat in the interrogation room at the Albuquerque police station. Jesse remains catatonic up until Hank says he knows Walt is Heisenberg. However, that's still all Hank knows and Saul shows up to represent his client before Hank can get any more information. Saul calls Walt to update him on the situation, but all he can tell the lawyer is "work your magic." Meanwhile, Walt updates Flynn/Junior on the cancer situation, which convinces the kid to stay at the White house rather than with the Schraders. Later that night, Skyler helps Walt film a confession video.

We next see the Whites sitting in a taqueria and you can tell it's about to be margarita sadness. The Schraders arrive and the foursome have a tense, through-gritted-teeth, whispered conversation about the family situation. The kids will be staying with the Whites and Skyler tries to make the case that everything Hank alleges has happened in the past. Marie suggests Walt should just kill himself since all the secrets would die with him. Even Hank is opposed to this, mainly because he doesn't want Walt to get off that easy. The Whites get up to leave and Walt slides over a DVD for Hank and Marie to enjoy, presumably with the guacamole the waiter tries to upsell.

Hank and Marie watch the DVD in their living room and we see the beginning of the confession again. Then Walt says he has been working as a pawn in Hank's meth operation. He references the ridealong from the first episode and that Hank's medical woes were the result of a botched hit after Hank and Gus had a falling out. Walt admits to making the bomb used to kill Fring, then says Hank stole Junior and Holly to keep Walt in line post-Gus. He points to the black eye he got from Hank the other day as an example of what happened when he tried to quit the business. Marie and Hank are shocked, but they suspect no one else has seen the video yet. Walt also referenced paying Hank's medical and rehab bills. Marie said Skyler told her it was gambling money, but Hank had no idea anybody other than his insurance paid those expenses.

Now that the Schraders are out of his hair for the time being, Walt sets his sights on working over Jesse. He meets with Pinkman and Saul out in the desert, but Jesse is on to Walt's game. He calls out Mr. White for always trying to work him over and he expects to meet a similar fate as Mike because that's how Walt operates. Jesse tells Walt to stop pretending to be the concerned dad. Walt walks over and hugs Jesse, who can barely hold it together.

Walt suggests Jesse use the relocation services of that guy Saul recommended back when Walt was about to get killed by Fring. Jesse takes the offer and Saul makes the call. He hands Jesse the money needed for the services and a Hello Kitty cell phone. Good luck in Alaska or where ever you end up, former Jesse Pinkman. Jesse takes a hoodie from the office and leaves with Huell to go to the pickup location.

Jesse paces alongside a road as he waits for the pickup. Saul confiscated his pot, but Jesse checks the pockets of the hoodie he borrowed. He finds a pack of cigarettes, just like the ones he used to smoke back in the day when Brock was still in his life. The light bulb goes off. A minivan pulls up, but Jesse walks down the road. The van drives away. Jesse busts into Saul's office and starts beating down the lawyer. Saul reaches for a gun in a desk drawer, but Jesse gets to it first. Jesse pieces together what happened with Brock and the ricin cigarette, which Saul confirms. He says Walt made him do it. Jesse takes the keys to Saul's town car and leaves the office. Saul calls Walt, who heads back to the car wash to retrieve a gun he hid in the soda machine. Jesse gets to the Whites' house and removes a gas can from the trunk. He busts through the front door and starts dumping gasoline throughout the living room. End credits.

For those keeping score: no one was killed this episode, but holy snap a lot happened. There's still five episodes to go. They still haven't explained how Brock consumed the lily of the valley, but I think that ship has sailed.

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