Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 10 Recap: Buried
Aug 21 2013 07:50 am CET

Previously on Breaking Bad: Skyler had been keeping all the meth money in a storage locker. Don't worry: she's been spraying for silverfish. Lydia has tracked down Walt at the car wash and wants him to offer a TED Talk on the subject of Meth Production for International Markets. Walt said no. Instead, he got into a confrontation with Hank, which resulted in Walt getting a knuckle sandwich and admitting that the cancer is back. Meanwhile, Jesse didn't want to deal with his "blood money" anymore, so he went on a joyride in Albuquerque throwing money out the window. Is that how that show Secret Millionaire works?

We're outside some older dude's house as he leaves to go run some nighttime errands. Older dude starts up his truck and sees something at the end of his driveway. It's one of Jesse's money stacks, this one filled with 100s. Older dude (let's call him Hansel) looks around to see if this is some sort of bust or a pilot for Candid Camera 2009, but instead of a camera crew he spots a few more stacks across the street. Hansel follows the trail of money until he spots a blinking light down a hill. Jesse has parked his car in front of a playground swing and left the engine running. The duffel bag still has countless stacks of money. All we can hear is the sound of the car's engine and what might be a rusty gate? Nope, it's Jesse, laying down on a metal merry-go-round, slowly rotating it with his foot. Credits.

We jump back to the afternoon inside Hank's garage. The kid with the remote control car continues to play outside as the garage door reopens. Walt exits and walks to his car. He turns around and he and Hank have a staredown. Hank presses the garage remote and the door closes. Walt gets into his car, slams the car into reverse (almost running over the RC car) then makes a panicked phone call to the car wash. Whoever answers says Skyler can't come to the phone because she's on another call. Walt begs, then pauses. Hank has walked outside and is talking on a cell phone. "Who is Skyler on the phone with?" Walt asks. He rushes to the car wash, but Skyler is gone by the time Walt arrives.

Skyler walks into what looks like a mom and pop restaurant, perhaps half a step up from Denny's. She walks over to the table where Hank is sitting. He stands and gives his sister-in-law a hug. "My head is spinning," Hank says after they sit down. "So much makes sense now. I wish I'd seen it sooner." Skyler listens, but doesn't react. "He's a monster." Hank adds. He reassures Skyler that she can be open with him and that she is no longer Walt's victim. He offers to take the kids back to Schrader Haus. Skyler asks if Marie knows anything. Hank says she doesn't, then pulls out a pocket tape recorder so they can chat on the record.

"What? Right here? Right now?" Skyler asks. Hank says he needs something concrete to build the foundation of his case, and he doesn't want Walt to run out the clock in the meantime. Skyler's all "what clock?" and Hank realizes he spilled the beans about Walt's cancer. Skyler's spidey sense begins to tingle and asks if she should lawyer up. Yes, yes you should. Hank realizes he's losing Skyler and assures his sister-in-law that everything will be fine, but Skyler would like the extra legal protection. Hank tries a different approach.

"No one is more important to me than your sister," he says, adding that he's only looking out for everyone's best interests. This backfires, as Skyler surmises that Hank wants to nail Walt at whatever cost. Realizing this is going nowhere, Hank asks for the kids. "Am I under arrest?" Skyler asks. The question throws Hank. Skyler tries to leave but he grabs her arm. "Am I under arrest? AM I UNDER ARREST?!" The other diners look at the commotion as Skyler storms out of the restaurant.

Huell and his fellow henchman are at the storage locker. They remove the blanket to examine the money cube. "Jesus, Mary and Joseph," fellow henchman says. That is the correct response. Also correct: Huell laying down on top of the money for a little snooze. "We gotta do a job, not channel Scrooge McDuck," fellow henchman says. Huell shrugs and is soon joined on top of the money pile by fellow henchman. "Mexico," Huell says. "All's I'm saying." Fellow henchman reminds Huell that the owner of the pile managed to organize a hit on ten guys in three prisons. "All's I'm saying."

Walt sits in Saul's office as the attorney places another call to try to track down Jesse. Saul hangs up and Walt receives a call on his phone. Saul tells his client not to answer the phone and to get rid of the battery—it could be the police trying to triangulate where he is via Skynet. Walt is in crisis mode (not quite to the level of "Crawl Space" but on that trajectory), but Saul says Skyler only knows about the money, which his goons are taking care of as they speak. Saul floats the suggestion that maybe Hank should take a trip to Belize. You know…where Mike went. "Send him to Belize?" Walt asks. "I'll send you to Belize." It's taken almost 60 years, but I think we've found a replacement for "straight to the moon, Alice!" Saul withdraws his suggestion. Walt leaves and meets the henchman in the alley behind Better Call Saul. The money has been placed in what looks like empty methylamine barrels. I'm going to guess only about 80% made it into the barrels, but Walt doesn't care at this point. He hands a bag of cash to Saul which serves as a retainer and tells the lawyer to find Jesse.

Walt drives out to the desert. He pulls off the road and we are treated to a gorgeous vista. Yet another boon for New Mexico tourism. Walt gets out of the van, grabs a shovel and pick axe from the back, and starts digging.

Back at the White house, Skyler is on the phone with Saul's office trying to track down Walt. Holly can be seen in the foreground getting her play on in the playpen. There's a knock on the door, followed by Marie asking for Skyler to tell her what's going on. Skyler peeks out the window and sees Hank pacing the driveway. Marie continues to pound on the door as Skyler debates whether or not to open it. Marie says she won't leave, so Skyler opens the door and says Marie can come in but not Hank.

"Tell me Hank is crazy," Marie says, sitting with her sister at the foot of Skyler and Walt's bed. "Tell me he doesn't know what he's talking about. Give me something to help me understand. It can't be true." Skyler says nothing, holding back tears as her face displays total anguish. Marie reads her sister's face. "Oh my God." Marie does a backwards-chronological list of every horrible thing Walt may have been a part of. I'm not sure if this is the intended tension of the scene, but it is not clear if Marie is wearing a wire. This may or may not be on Skyler's mind, but she neither confirms nor denies any event Marie asks about. "Did you know before Hank was shot?" Skyler just about loses it at this point. "Marie, I am so sorry." Again, not-committal.

Marie slaps Skyler across the face. "You won't talk with Hank because you think Walt is going to get away with this!" Marie declares as she exits the bedroom. Skyler follows and sees her sister pick up Holly. "You are not leaving this house with my daughter." Holly starts screaming as the sisters continue to argue. Hank comes in as all the screaming intensifies. He tells his wife to hand Holly over. Marie reluctantly complies and leaves the house. Hank looks at Skyler and Holly as he considers the situation. Hank leaves and joins his wife in their car. They stare forward. "We have to get him," Marie says. Battle lines have been drawn.

We rejoin Walt out in the desert and he's still digging as the sun sets. The plot appears to be about six feet long, six feet deep…a little heavy-handed on the imagery. Anyway, this week's music video is a montage of Walt finishing the grave money pit and struggling to push the barrels into it. Once the barrels are in, Walt starts the marginally easier process of burying them. After Walt pats the last shovel of dirt, he goes into the van and pulls out a GPS device. He gets his latitude and longitude, memorizes the numbers, then smashes the device.

A lottery ticket with six Pick 3 numbers is posted on the fridge. 034, 059, 020, 106, 036, 052. Walt must watch Lost between cooks. I wonder if he'll live to see the end of that series. Where was I? Oh, yes, Skyler hears her husband out in the kitchen and whispers to him, "Where have you been?" Walt ambles to the bathroom but doesn't have the strength to answer any of Skyler's questions. He begins to strip down as she surmises what he has been up to. Since Walt isn't talking, Skyler fills him in on how her day went, finishing by saying, "I told Hank nothing." Walt, standing in only his underwear, passes out.

Walt wakes up a few hours later as Skyler dabs his forehead with a washcloth. He's still on the bathroom floor, but Skyler grabbed a comforter during the night to keep him warm. Aww. They have a quiet conversation—so quiet I can barely hear anything. I do hear the word "cancer" come from Skyler, which catches Walt's attention. "Does that make you happy?" he asks. "I can't remember the last time I was happy," she replies. Walt tells Skyler to keep the money and starts to formulate a plan, but she stops him by asking how Hank found anything out in the first place. Walt says he screwed up, but he can't articulate how since he doesn't know. Since Walt doesn't know what Hank has and Hank said he needed Skyler's testimony to beef up his case, Skyler tells her husband that Hank must be operating on suspicion rather than proof. She tells Walt he can't give himself up. Walt considers this. "Maybe our best move here," Skyler says, "is to stay quiet."

We're back in the desert at some compound or junkyard. A truck pulls up with Lydia, blindfolded, sitting in the passenger seat. The vehicle stops and she takes off the blindfold. Declan, the distributor Walt acquired last season, waits with a couple of his cronies. The guys do not appreciate the visit from the home office, but Lydia doesn't see a problem with a 10-minute tour that should be mutually beneficial. Declan concedes and leads her to the ladder to the underground bunker lab. Of course sensible shoes would not cross Lydia's mind, so she has to navigate the ladder in stilettos. She's immediately unimpressed with the lack of cleanliness in the lab, much like how the Czech Republic is not impressed with the 68% pure meth coming out of it. She asks what happened since they were producing at least 74% purity at one time. Declan didn't like Todd, so he got rid of him and brought in his own guy.

"Hey, we have a problem," someone calls from above. Declan and his crew head up the ladder. Lydia stays behind and pulls out her phone. Hmm, that phone looks a little too fancy for circa 2008, but I'm even more dubious that she was able to send a text message from an underground metal bunker. As soon as she hits send, Lydia takes cover and we hear some shouting and a whole lotta gunfire. Some shell casings fall through an overhead fan and land near Lydia's feet. After a few moments of silence, Todd calls down to ask if Lydia is okay. She heads to the ladder then pauses as she realizes there could be a fair amount of carnage on the ground floor. "I don't want to see," she says, forgetting this is what she signed up for. "Uh, close your eyes?" Todd says in exactly the same way I would have said it. Would people have wasted so much energy hating Skyler if they knew earlier Lydia existed? Anyway, she closes her eyes as Todd guides her past the corpses wasted by Todd's uncle's gang. Declan isn't quite dead yet, so Uncle shoots him in the head as Lydia walks past. Well, that's one loose end tied up. Yeesh.

It's the next morning at Schrader Haus. Hank sits at the kitchen table while Marie leans against a wall in her purple PJ ensemble. Marie tells Hank he needs to tell the DEA what's happening, but he says he needs more proof. She keeps insisting, but Hank lays it out for her: "The day I go in with this will be the last day of my career." If Hank is wrong, then there's no way he can keep his job after wasting countless resources on a wild goose chase after Gus was killed. If Hank is right, he has to explain how his brother-in-law escaped detection for over a year. Marie adds a third scenario to this catch-22: "What if they catch Walt without you?"

Hank returns to the DEA office. He's welcomed by his co-workers, including a guy with the most amazing mustache ever. Hank sits in his office and barely gets into his chair before Gomez pops in to let him know what's on Hank's schedule. Meanwhile, Jesse has been brought in for questioning after he made it rain in the streets of Albuquerque. The detectives interrogating him are doing a heavy round of Bad Cop / Bad Cop, but Jesse continues to stare off into the middle distance. This is not unlike Skyler's catatonic state earlier in the season. Hank watches from outside for a bit, then gestures for the detectives to come out. He makes a deal with them that he'll get Jesse riled up so he can get some info. If there's anything the detectives can use, Hank is more than happy to share. The detectives decide to go out for a smoke break. Hank enters the room and the door slams shuts behind him.

Next week on Breaking Bad: Sorry, I watched on DVR so I didn't catch any of Low Hanging Fruit. Here's the description from AMC: "Jesse decides to make a change, while Walt and Skyler try to deal with an unexpected demand." That's…not helpful.

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