Whodunnit? Season 1 Episode 9 Season Finale Recap: Golden Cuffs
Aug 18 2013 11:17 pm CET

I accuse Cris with the slingshot in the living room. No, wait, I accuse Lindsey with the poisoned nails on the horseback trail. Umm, was it Kam with the cyanide in the kitchen? We find out the identity of The Killer of Rue Manor on Sunday's Whodunnit? finale.

Last week on Whodunnit?: Cris, Kam, Lindsey, and Melina had to crack the case of who iced out Ronnie with ricin and liquid nitrogen. Kam impressed the killer with his case presentation and Cris continued her perfect streak of no Scared cards at the dinner table. After a harrowing limo ride, the final four found out Giles was being held captive somewhere in the house. Smoke began to fill the living room and Melina disappeared. The killer has two potential victims remaining, one of whom will win $250,000 by the end of this episode.

Giles welcomes us to Rue Manor and tells us about the summer sensation Whodunnit? turned out to be. We get a fairly thorough recap of the season, including Dana's best quotes ("I'll kill him if he doesn't tell me") and a shoutout to the folks who have a hard time separating reality from reality TV (ABC didn't kill contestants, y'all). We rejoin the action at the end of the harrowing limo ride from last week's episode, the video of Giles in captivity, and smoke filling the living room. Melina has gone missing and now a distorted voice instructs the players to take a seat for more information. The players need the three-digit code from the investigation of Sheri's murder way back in the first episode, the one etched into the window pane in the parlor. Kam, Lindsey and Cris run to the window, but the pane has been replaced. However, the code 613 has been recreated on the pool table, the chess board, a tray of drinks, and probably a marching band on standby, just in case.

The trio run back to the main room and see a door that was previously obscured by some drapes. Kam enters the code to unlock the door. Inside they find a room filled with props and weapons from the previous cases. Kam calls it an "orgy of evidence," while my friend Clare called it an undetected hoard. Isn't that the way most of A&E's Hoarders started out? Also in the room: Melina, dead by strangulation, courtesy of the beads that were supposed to kill Geno. After some montages of the cases against the final three contestants, Kam discovers a puzzle piece in Melina's hand. The clue on the back directs the contestants to the main room.

The final three enter the main lounge and see three platforms, each with a question mark etched out on top. A new video featuring Giles begins to play on the screen. He's still in captivity and tells the players they are about to embark on their final puzzle. The video cuts out and the Killer's distorted voice begins to play. First, s/he says that Giles has been dispatched. Boo! Then he tells the players to look at the stairs. Coming down the staircase are zombie versions of the fallen contestants. Mark Burnett take note: this should be how the march of the dead Survivor contestants happens. Anyway, the living players will have to complete nine tests, each hosted by a zombie. The player will receive a puzzle piece at the end of the test, but each zombie has a correct and incorrect piece available for handoff. Once a player completes their question mark, s/he can turn on a black light to see if they have completed the puzzle. Any non-glowing pieces means the player has to redo that specific task. Kam gets to use the puzzle piece from Melina, so he only has to complete eight tasks.

You guys, this final challenge is fantastic. Each player is assigned a different starting location, so no one is piled up at the same spot. Also, some of the tasks force the players to remember specific details of the associated case while others are puzzles inspired by the case. Here's the rundown of what the tasks were:

Sheri: Using a slingshot, smash the aquarium with the picture of the victim as she was facing when she was killed. (She was facing the aquarium, so shoot the photo of the back of her head.)
Dontae: Which saint was supposed to protect him? Agatha or Elmo? (Agatha.)(I don't think Kam had to do this task.)
Adrianna: Assemble the bomb Giles used in the riddle presentation, then cut the wire—red or blue—which matched the color of the font used in the video Adrianna saw. (Red)
Don: Using five picture tiles, place them in the proper order to illustrate how the Killer placed Kona the Mountain Lion into the secret passage.
Ulysses: Find the snake that was hidden in Ulysses saddlebag. Zombie Ulysses dressed as Indiana Jones is going to give me complicated dreams.
Sasha and Dana: In the theater, find the differences between two photographs. There are more than three, but fewer than seven. (Six, though I think you could guess the number without actually finding them.)
Geno: Inside a dark room, find the item not associated with his case. (A flower lei.)
Ronnie: Find a castor bean in the hot tub.

Kam, with his advantage, is the first to complete the first eight tasks. The monitor instructs him to go to the attic to find the Killer. Giles waits inside, free from his restraints. He asks if Kam thinks he's the killer. Kam says it's starting to look that way, so Giles tells him to go down to the bar and find a copy of his employment contract. The proof is in the fine print of the last page. Giles tells Kam to bring him the page and say whether or not he's the killer. Kam runs downstairs, grabs the document, runs back upstairs, and says Giles is the killer. Giles hands him a puzzle piece. Kam adds the piece to his platform, flips the switch…and has two pieces wrong, including the one he got from Giles. That's good news for Giles. Kam has to return to the kitchen for Don's puzzle.

Cris and Lindsey are not far behind. Cris actually reads the fine print and it says explicitly that Giles is not responsible for any of the murders that happen at Rue Manor. However, Cris is also down by two: the Sasha/Dana puzzle and Geno's puzzle. Lindsey is only down by one, but Kam and Cris have closed the gap. Kam gets back to Giles, gets the correct puzzle piece, and receives a clue to the room where he will discover the true identity of the killer. Cris finishes her puzzle and receives the same clue as Kam. Lindsey gets her last piece and receives a different clue. Uh oh.

Kam and Cris arrive in what could best be described as a Kill Room. There's pictures of the victims, weapons, and red string connecting things all over the place. Both are confused about what's happening until they see some action on a video monitor. Lindsey arrives to her room and ends up in front of a spinning bookcase. The wall spins around and on the other side is a knight statue with a bow-and-arrow cocked. The arrow hits Lindsey right in the throat. Holy snap!

Cris and Kam go back-and-forth with "I'm not the killer, YOU ARE!" for a few rounds until Cris starts to talk in rhyme. "I committed those murders 11 straight times," Cris admits with a smile. We then see a replay of all the murder scenes, this time with Cris included in the footage. Giles enters with a suitcase and a pair of handcuffs. He congratulates Kam and asks him to "please take these golden cuffs and arrest Cris." The police take the former beauty queen away as Giles presents $250,000 to "the Killer's most worthy adversary." Then they hug it out.

As reality show finales go, that was an exciting hour of television. Overall, this summer series was a delightful diversion which has been missing on broadcast television. There are still a few kinks to work out, such as having clear in-game clues as to who the Killer was and perhaps diversifying which investigation location is the most valuable (it shouldn't always be the Morgue). The show has been a delight to follow on social media and I would love to see it return next summer.

Oh, and one other thing…CALLED IT!

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