Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9 Recap: Blood Money
Aug 14 2013 07:53 am CET

We pick up moments from where we left off in the mid-season premiere of Breaking Bad. Hank has figured out Walt's double life, Jesse considers his past as he considers his future, and Skyler meets Lydia.

Previously on Breaking Bad: Jeezy creezy, where to begin? Walt has a hat he likes to wear when he's in Heisenberg mode. He was not wearing that hat when he shot and killed Mike out in the boonies. Lydia has expanded operations to the Czech Republic and the money has rolled in faster than Skyler or any money laundering operation could possibly process it. Hank is a director in the DEA now and is still working on the Fring case, even after his superiors told him to stop spending all his time and resources on the investigation. Jesse wants out of the operation and Walt eventually steps out too when he sees just how much money he has acquired. He pays Jesse then reunites with Skyler and the rest of his family. The Whites and the Schraders have a cookout at the White house and things seem dandy. Hank goes to use the bathroom and picks up a copy of Leaves of Grass—a gift from Gale to Walter. Insert your own "oh crap" joke here.

POV shots of skateboards. Some kids are filming tricks in an abandoned pool near a graffiti-covered house. A car pulls up in front and we see Future Walt step out of the vehicle. He pops the trunk and removes a tire iron buried under all the militia equipment. We see the fenced-in house is the White residence. Walt sneaks through the fence and forces his way into the house. Everything is gone and the house looks gutted. Walt walks through the wreckage and we see HEISENBERG painted in giant yellow letters on the wood paneling. He heads to what was the bedroom, holding the tire iron in case he needs to defend himself. No one is in the room. Walt removes a coin from his pocket and uses it to remove the screw holding in the outlet cover hiding the ricin pill. Walt retrieves the capsule, then looks into a broken mirror which completely distorts his face. Walt returns to the car and notices a neighbor in the next-door driveway. She stands frozen, staring at Walt. "Hello Carol," Walt says. Carol drops her bag of groceries. Credits.

We're back at the White house during the cookout. From the bedroom we can hear the mumbled chatter of Marie and the Whites out on the patio. The camera slowly, slowly, slooooooooooooooooowly moves toward the bathroom door. This better not be the entire episode. Eventually the door opens and Hank staggers out, carrying the book. He zombie walks to the kitchen and hides the book in Marie's bag (it's purple, so you know it's hers). Hank slides open the patio door. He says he isn't feeling well and that he and Marie should go. Skyler and Marie make plans for a bowling outing later in the week as Hank gets into his SUV. Walt grabs the door before Hank can close it. "You okay to drive?" Walt asks, holding Holly. Hank mumbles he is, closes the door and drives off. Hank and Holly wave. Walt turns around and sees his neighbor. "Hello Carol," he says. "Oh, hi Walt!" Carol cheerfully responds.

Marie chatters about what she and Skyler talked about while Hank was indisposed. Something about Europe, but the audio fades in-and-out as Hank is lost in his own world. We see Hank's vision is fading in-and-out as well as he makes his way down the road. His breathing starts to intensify and Marie grows concerned. Marie tries to get her husband's attention, but he is completely out of it. He crashes into a fence on some random person's front lawn. Hank exits the car and looks like he is having a heart attack or panic attack or something where his brain is going to shoot out of his nose. The homeowner comes out to see what happened to his fence and Marie screams for him to call an ambulance.

Later, we see Hank cutting off his emergency room bracelet as he and Marie bicker about what turned out to be an unnecessary trip to the emergency room. Hank asks Marie not to mention this particular episode to Skyler. Marie makes a confused face, then says okay. Hank grabs the book from Marie's bag, heads into a closet and grabs the Gale file from a shelf. He flips through the file until he lands on a photograph of handwritten notes. With Leaves of Grass also open, Hank matches letters from the inscription to letters on the notepad. They are perfect matches.

Walt opens the main door of the car wash and welcomes the staff as they get ready for another day waxing and towel drying. Skyler comes in and there is still an absence of affection between the couple. Later, Walt talks to his wife about some ideas he has for inventory, including acquiring another car wash. Sounds like Walt is still in the empire business. He's also still in the laundry business, as they have A LOT of cash to burn through. Skyler says she'll take the idea into consideration. Walt heads back into the store as Skyler goes to help the next customer. Crap, it's Lydia. She can barely place her order without collapsing into herself, then hands her keys over to Skyler. As Lydia heads inside, Skyler looks at the keys and appears puzzled. It's not you, Skyler, it's her.

Inside, Lydia tries to talk with Walt as he rings up her transaction. It seems the replacement cooks at Madrigal can only achieve 68% quality meth and the customers in the Czech Republic are not happy. Lydia begs for a tutorial, but Walt processes the transaction much the same way Gus dealt with Walt at their first few encounters at Los Pollos Hermanos. "Have an A1 day," Walt says as he hands his former associate her claim ticket. Lydia exits as Skyler enters. Skyler wonders why anyone would get a rental car washed, and then it dawns on her. "Walt, who's that?" "It's a former business associate who wants me to go back," he says. "And I won't." Skyler marches outside and tells her crew to stop working on Lydia's car. "Get out of here now," Skyler tells Lydia. "Never come back here." Lydia gets into her car and leaves. Good thing this takes place before Yelp! was a thing.

Back at the Schraders, Hank stands on the back porch staring off into the distance. Marie checks on him and he says he'll be staying home until he feels better. As Marie gets ready to go out the door to work, the bell rings. Marie opens the door and two of Hank's co-workers have a couple of dollies with several boxes of files. The files get delivered to the garage and we're treated to a music video of Hank searching through everything in the Fring case that would connect his brother-in-law. The sequence ends as Hank examines a police sketch of Heisenberg.

Badger, Skinny Pete and Jesse are getting baked in Pinkman's apartment. Badger goes on and on about Star Trek, including his extended pitch for his spec script involving a pie-eating contest on the Enterprise. Midway through, Jesse gets out of his bean bag chair and slumps his way to another room. Honestly, I'm expecting to hear a gunshot, but that's because that would be my escape plan if someone subjected me to their Star Trek pitch. As Badger and Pete bicker about the physics of transporter technology, Jesse carries the two duffel bags of money out of the apartment. His friends may or may not have noticed him leaving.

A Muzak version of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" plays as Jesse sits in Saul's waiting room. Neither Huell or Saul's secretary seem to care that Jesse should be on Saul's VIP list and it seems like everyone in the waiting room has been there for a while. Jesse pulls out a joint and lights up. This gets the secretary's attention and she calls into her boss's office. Jesse enters as an elderly Asian woman carries out a massage table. Saul zips up his pants, sheepishly. Oh, Saul. Jesse cuts to the chase: he wants to give his money to Kaylee Ehrmantraut and Drew Sharp, the kid Todd killed at the train robbery. Saul lists all the reasons why this form of charity is a BAD IDEA. First, all the money Mike put away for Kaylee has been confiscated by the Feds, which will likely happen to the millions Jesse would throw her way. As for Drew's parents, random philanthropy of this magnitude is bound to trigger an investigation.

Jesse leaves Saul's office in a worse mood than when he arrived, but leaves the money in the office. Saul opens his drawer of cell phones to give Walt a call. Walt tells Saul to keep cool and hold on to the cash. "I'll handle it," Walt says. The conversation ends and Walt sits back in his chair. He looks up to see how much fluid is left in his chemo drip.

Jesse stares up at the ceiling through his coffee table. A roach skitters across the glass. Someone knocks at the front door. It's the one who knocks, and he's brought the bags from Saul's office. "Do you have any explanation at all?" Walt asks Jesse. Pinkman says he doesn't want blood money. Walt tells Jesse he earned the money, conveniently leaving out sall the people who died so he could claim the cash. Anyway, Walt continues the manipulation. "You need to stop focusing on the darkness behind you, the past is the past. Nothing can change what we've done. Now that's over: you're out and so am I." That last part catches Jesse's attention, as he didn't know that Walt exited about a month prior. The former boss-man says there's nothing left for them to do but try to live ordinary lives.

"Why Kaylee Ehrmantraut?" Walt asks. Jesse, staring at nothing away from Walt, says he's worried Mike is not in a position to take care of his granddaughter. He has a pretty strong hunch that Mike is dead. Walt asks Jesse how he reached that conclusion. Jesse says Walt isn't looking over his shoulder, so Mike must be out of the picture. Jesse doesn't accuse Walt, exactly, but Walt gets on the defensive and says he did not kill Mike. "I need you to believe me." Jesse doesn't respond.

Walt, Skyler and Flynn eat dinner and chat about Flynn's possible college plans. Then Skyler remembers to tell Walt that Hank is still feeling gross, so the bowling outing has been postponed. Walt excuses himself as Flynn tries to parlay his new freedom into a later curfew. Walt frantically searches for pills in the bathroom, but then runs over to the toilet to vomit. As he's horking, Walt notices his copy of Leaves of Grass has gone missing. He thinks about it for a moment, then vomits some more. Later, Walt looks under his bed to see if it slipped under there. Walt asks Skyler if she's seen the book, but she didn't even know they had a copy of Whitman. "What's wrong with Hank?" Walt asks. Skyler says some sort of stomach bug and he hasn't been to work all week.

Walt leaves the room to continue his search, but the object he seeks has changed. He goes outside and examines his car. Running his hands underneath the frame, Walt comes across something in the rear passenger wheel well: a GPS tracker.

A hobo searches through some garbage bins outside the Dog House food mart collecting cans. After adding a few to his haul, the hobo walks toward a car and notices someone in the driver's seat. He taps on the window, waking Jesse, and asks for change. Jesse waves him off. As the hobo pushes his cart away, Jesse thinks for a moment and grabs a stack of bills from his duffel bag. He rolls down the window, calls the hobo over and hands him the stack. If that's a stack of 100s, that's at least $10,000. The hobo isn't sure what to do. Jesse drives away and into a rundown neighborhood of Albuquerque. He rolls down his window and starts throwing stacks of cash into random yards. Jesse's not the best paperboy, but I don't think these customers will be complaining.

The next day, we see a kid playing with a remote-controlled car in the street in front of the Schrader house. Hank chats with the delivery guys from the office as they talk about the Fring case. The conversation ends and the delivery guys leave. Just then, Walt pulls up. Hank sees who has arrived and frantically packs up his materials. Fortunately, the delivery guys and Walt chit chat, buying Hank some time. The delivery guys leave and Walt and Hank have their own awkward chit chat. Walt wants to know what's wrong with Hank, specifically, why he put a tracker on Walt's car. Hank waits a beat, then presses the remote for the garage door.

Once the door is closed, Hank punches Walt in the face. Damn! A lesser show would have dragged out this inevitable confrontation. "All along it was you!" Frank seethes. "You son of a bitch." Hank runs down the details of the case and every step in which Walt was involved, and he's not wrong about any of it. "You lying, two-faced, sack of shit," Hank continues. Walt admits nothing, calling everything Hank says a wild accusation. This just makes Hank angrier, so Walt tries a different approach: he tells Hank the cancer is back. Hank stops to process this new information. Walt adds that in six months, if the chemo doesn't work, there won't be anyone to prosecute. Hank says he wants the kids back, but Walt declines. "If you don't know who I am," he says, "maybe your best course would be to tread lightly."

Next week on Breaking Bad: I dunno—I didn't watch Black Hole Sun or whatever it was AMC wanted me to tune in to.

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