Whodunnit? Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Frost Nixin'
Aug 12 2013 07:46 am CET

It's Melina versus Team Kam on this week's Whodunnit? How did the Killer dispose of Ronnie during his spa treatment? And who will survive for next week's season finale?

Ronnie's theory about a trained monkey aiding and abetting the Killer in last week's Geno investigation cost the last male of Team Geno to lose his life. Drawing inspiration from Lifetime's Deadly Spa, here is how the Killer dispatched this week's victim:

After the assignment of spa activities, Ronnie headed to the library to write up a note for Giles about his theories on the Killer. Unbeknownst to Ronnie, the Killer was spying on him through a camera in the See No Evil monkey statue. The Killer sent some tea to the library, but replaced Ronnie's powdered creamer with ricin. How the ricin didn't kill Ronnie instantly was not explained. Anyway, Ronnie headed outside for his spa treatment. He turned on the jets which the killer had connected to a canister of liquid nitrogen. This part of the murder was more for show, as Ronnie had lost consciousness as soon as he entered the tub. However, the liquid nitrogen mixed with the hot water caused an explosion that catapulted Ronnie to the swimming, where Melina, Cris, Lindsey and Kam found him.

The investigation featured some new twists this week. First, the investigators had to dig through blocks of ice with a hand pick to win the chance to go to a "mystery location" in addition to one of the three regular investigation points. Kam narrowly beat Melina, who is fighting for her life at this point. The three women could not agree on who would go to which of the standard locations, so they had to draw envelopes. Lindsey went to the Last Known Whereabouts, Cris went to the Crime Scene (where Kam would also investigate later), and Melina got the Morgue.

Kam's Mystery Area was the attic, which once again featured surveillance footage of the victim and the crime. However, aside from the catapulting, everything else would have been confirmable with Lindsey and Cris in their own locations. Melina was able to piece together quite a bit in the morgue and later she could confirm what she found when confronting the other team during the info swap time. Kam and company were still not interested in playing with Melina, so it all would come down to the riddle.

The riddle began with Giles, Beatrice and Sophie standing by stoically as a canister of liquid nitrogen was dropped into a podium causing hundreds of ping pong balls to explode into the air. It was truly a sight to behold. Some of the balls had "kitchen" written on them, which led players to barrels full of castor beans—the main ingredient in ricin (thanks, Breaking Bad!). Hidden there was a tube with a word search. One of the words or phrases would lead the players to the location of the riddle solution, in this case Pool Equipment. Kam was the first to find it and discovered the liquid nitrogen tank.

After the presentations, the investigators headed to the dining room to find a frozen seafood spread and tombstones made of ice. Giles is one for atmosphere. Kam won the case presentation. Melina and Lindsey received scared cards, leaving Giles to remark that Cris never received one. "Hmm," he says. "TOLD YOU SO!!!" I said.

The next morning, all four players are invited to take a ride in a limo with champagne and mystery boxes. Melina and Lindsey are super paranoid, as they should be. Then the limo makes a sharp u-turn and freaks everyone out. The car returns to Rue Manor. The players run into the main room where a television had been set up. The screen turns on and we see Giles tied up with a dozen or so guns pointed at him. He tells the players they need to find him and he would prefer they do so quickly. The room begins to fill with smoke and Melina disappears.

Next week on Whodunnit?: It's the season finale! There may be zombies of the Dontae, Adrianna, Don, Ulysses, Sasha, Dana, Geno and Melina variety. Also, it looks like clues and critters from the previous cases have come back to play. And one more player will be killed, one will be unmasked as the killer (*cough*CRIS*cough*), and one will walk away with $250,000.

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