Who won Season 9 of Food Network Star?
Aug 11 2013 10:20 pm CET

It has come down to Damaris, Rodney and Russell in the finale of Food Network Star. Who did America select as the winner?

Last week on Food Network Star: the final four of Stacey, Damaris, Rodney and Russell had to pitch their shows to Bob and Susie. Damaris knocked it out of the park with her "Eat, Date, Love" concept (which should have been called "Southern Charm," but whatever). Rodney's personality carried "Pie Style" through to the next round as well. However, in a 3-2 decision, Russell's culinary sins pilot "Guilty Pleasures" (which I had to look up the title, so you know how strong an entry it is) beat out Stacey's recreation of the previous week's makeover challenge. So Stacey was sent home.

The final three each filmed a six-minute pilot under the guidance of the most successful Food Network Star winner Guy Fieri. He has either mellowed out considerably, or Rodney is just that irritating because I didn't mind Guy at all during this process. Rodney's show has him going to a restaurant and making a pie version of its signature dish. Then diners vote on which dish they prefer. "Pie style" gets used as a noun, verb, adjective, and I think one instance of preposition.

Russell's pilot has him visiting a restaurant/bistro/mall kiosk with a distinctive dish. Then he makes bacon ice cream. Seriously. There is nothing connecting the front part of the show where he sampled ice cream made with wine—or the back half. Also, it's not like the average Food Network viewer is going to have liquid nitrogen in their pantry (that's where one stores the canister, according to Russell). Unfortunately, he received the fewest votes and finished in third place.

Damaris' pilot "Eat, Date, Love" has her working with young bachelors as they try to woo their significant others by not burning down the kitchen. Although she does well with the teaching part, Damaris still needs to work on connecting with the camera. This reminds me of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and could be an interesting program.

America had until this past Wednesday to vote for their winner. After an hour of hemming, hawing, and reunioning, the winner was revealed. The next Food Network Star is…Damaris.

Congratulations. Casting for next season's Food Network Star has already begun. You can find more info at http://www.foodnetworkstarcasting.com/.

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