REWATCH: Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 7 Recap: Say My Name
Aug 08 2013 12:27 pm CET

On this episode of Breaking Bad, Walt lines up a distribution deal with a rival drugrunner so Mike can retire and spend his golden years doing crosswords and hanging out with Kaylee. However, Hank makes a connection in the Fring case which could put Mike's plans on permanent hold.

Previously on Breaking Bad: After Todd killed that kid after the Great Train Robbery, Walt's cavalier attitude about what went down forced Mike and Jesse to decide they want out of the "empire business." The two guys try to sell their shares of the methylamine, but Declan the buyer wants all three shares. Walt isn't interested in selling and stole the entire tank, hiding it from Mike. Mike was seconds away from blowing Walt's head off, but Jesse said Mr. White had a plan which would enhance their exit pay. "Everybody wins," Walt said. Asterisk likely implied.

Tense music plays as Mike, Walt and Jesse drive out to the desert for a meetup with Declan. The tank of methylamine is not hitched to the car, which may or may not go over well with the buyer. "Your play Walter," Mike says before the guys get out of the car. "You're on your own." Declan asks "where's the juice?" Walt explains he is now the lead negotiator for Vamanos Pest, adding that the fluid is worth more in his hands as one of the greatest cooks ever. However, he needs distribution assistance, which Walter will pay for with a 35% cut. Declan scoffs at this, saying his own product is 70% pure. Walt scoffs at the scoffing, saying his 99.1% pure product is like "grade school t-ball versus the New York Yankees." Walt asks why anyone would want any old generic brand of soda when you can have Coke Classic. Declan posits he could just kill the trio, literally eliminating the competition. "Do you really want to live in a world without Coca Cola?" Walt asks. He explains a higher quality product with the yield he produces will demand a higher price than whatever Declan pushes, to the tune of $130 million. Walt also adds Declan would have access to two great meth cooks (referring to Jesse). Mike is retiring, so they need someone like Declan who can cover the distribution end. "Who the hell are you?" Declan asks, bristling at Walt's condescending delivery. "You all know exactly who I am," Walt says, his tone switching from condescending to menacing. "Say my name. I'm the cook. I'm the man who killed Gus Fring." Declan takes a moment. "You're Heisenberg?" "You're goddamn right." Credits.

Declan and company drive off as the guys put the $5 million finder's fee Walt negotiated into Mike's car. Jesse turns to Walt and says, "I appreciate the kind words, but I'm out too." Walt says he knows, but Jesse wants to know when he gets his $5 million share. Walt asks Jesse to help with the transition and then they can figure out the finances.

Mike drops off Walt and Jesse at Vamanos Pest HQ. There's no surprise retirement party or tearful goodbyes, just Mike explaining what needs to happen now. First, he will pay off The Nine with his share of the money. Second, Walt needs to get the bug he planted in Hank's office before the DEA does a sweep. Mike turns toward his car and Walt asks, "that's it? No, 'thanks for the $5 million?' No, "sorry for chaining you to a radiator?'" Mike turns back to his former partner. "Just get the bug, Walter." Mike doesn't specify if it's the one in Hank's office, or the one up Mr. White's butt. Walt heads into the garage as Jesse says goodbye to Mike. "Guess I'll see you around," he says, but Mike shakes his head. Mike says he's out for good and warns Jesse to look out for himself.

Later, Skyler waits in the doorway of the locked carwash, arms folded across her chest. A banging can be heard from one of the entrance bays. Skyler opens the door to let Walt in. "Are we good?" he asks. "You tell me," she responds. Walt guides Jesse and a truck to the methylamine tank stored on the car wash path. As Walt starts hitching the tank to the vehicle, Jesse says hello to Mrs. White. Hehe. Jesse steps out of the truck and stands next to Skyler, both of them looking at the VP logo on the truck's door. "Vamanos," Jesse says. "I wish," says Skyler. She then asks Walt what is going on, but he deflects the question. She asks why he's hiding the tank at the carwash and who it's being hidden from. Walt tells her to go back to the office and he'll get the tank out of her hair.

Dorothy Yobs is excited about the bacon banana bites that have landed on her desk at the Marine Bank. They are a gift from that lawyer guy Mike visited the prison with a few episodes back. They chit chat about the tasty goodies as they walk to the safe deposit box locker. She opens up several boxes, which the lawyer fills with stacks of cash as a jazz combo plays in the background. The last case has a top layer worth $90,000 or so, though there must be at least five or six layers. The lawyer places an envelope labeled "To Kaylee on her 18th birthday." I think we all wish Mike was our grandpa now. The lawyer closes the case. In the parking lot, the lawyer gets into Mike's car and reports all the money has been moving appropriately. "I guess this is it for a while," the lawyer says before getting out of the car. Mike drives off.

Mike checks in with the livefeeds from Hank's office. We see he is out in the middle of dirt landscape, but with trees and a mountain off in the distance. Hank and Gomez start talking about the Ehrmantraut case, but Mike closes the laptop. He walks over to a covered well, removes the cover and tosses the laptop in. He retrieves a bag from the car's trunk and empties all the guns contained into the well. Mike places a bag in the spare tire well in the trunk and places the cover for that on top. He closes the trunk and we see he is at what looks like an airport parking garage. He climbs the pillar marked K and puts the car's keys on the crossbeam. Mike hails a cab.

Back at his house, Mike pours himself a cup of coffee as the DEA pounds on the front door shouting "search warrant." Mike ambles over to the door and lets the agents in. "How's that restraining order working out for you?" Hank asks while waving the warrant under Mike's nose. "if you want me to read that I'm going to need my glasses," Mike says. As the agents sweep his house, Mike sits in his favorite chair and watches an old movie on TV. The agents don't find a thing. Hank looks shocked.

Back at VPHQ, Walt does some maintenance on the cooking equipment when Jesse walks in. Walt is happy to see his assistant because he has a long list of items that need to be addressed. Jesse says he wants to talk, but Walt interrupts with his own talk of doubling down and trying to produce 100 pounds a week. He wants Jesse to start his own lab because "you deserve it." That's not how Treat Yo Self works, Mr. White. Jesse says his plans have not changed – he wants his money and wants to go his own way. Walt starts delivering a lecture about Jesse squandering his potential, like he's giving up a football scholarship to State University College (Go Wildcats!). "Why?" Walt asks, "and do what?" "I'll figure it out," Jesse replies. "What have you got in your life? Nothing, nobody. Oh right: video games and go-karts…and how soon will you start using again?" Ugh, I think full-on science teacher mode is my least favorite shade of Walter White. Then Walt starts hectoring Jesse about his concern for the boy who was killed. Basically, Walt's concerns outrank Jesse's empathy and it's just one of those things. Walt recaps all the people they have killed and Walt isn't really concerned about Hell anymore ("if you're into that") since his frequent flyer miles will allow him to sit in the pilot's lap. Jesse challenges Walt, asking "how many more people are going to die because of us?" Walt says no one, Jesse calls bullshit. Jesse asks for his money again, so Walt tries a different tact. "Why do you want this money? Isn't it filthy blood money?" Jesse sneers, but Walt accuses him of wanting in, though adds "there's nothing wrong to want it." Walt invites Jesse to stay and make 20 times as much, but Jesse walks away. Walt screams after his former assistant, but the door slams shut.

Back at the DEA, Hank sits in a teleconference with the other department heads and his boss. As the boss goes over budget figures, Hank gets distracted by surveillance photos of Mike. Hank, unaware a question has been asked, snaps out of his reverie. The boss dismisses the rest of the staff so he can talk with Hank. It turns out Hank has been spending too much time on the Fring case and not completing basic parts of his new job. Not only is the surveillance expensive, but word has gotten back to the boss that Hank is still doing field work when he should be a bureaucrat. Hank's budget gets slashed and the boss hangs up. As Hank considers his dressing down, Gomez knocks on the window before entering the conference room. He reports none of the Nine are talking and Mike is just living the old man life. Hank doesn't understand how things aren't adding up until he notices the Nine are represented by Daniel Waxberger but Mike has different representation. Hank tells Gomez to start tailing the lawyer.

Fumicook. Walt takes his time suiting up before going into the tent. Joining him is Todd, who didn't take chemistry in high school. Walt promises to be as detailed as possible without overwhelming. There's a Mickey Dolenz song playing as Walt guides Todd through his very first cook. Todd takes notes throughout the process, which he studies while Walt watches TV as the cook completes. Eventually the cook crystalizes and is ready for smashing. "Wow," Todd says, "this is complicated. It's going to take me a few more times to get a grasp on it." Walt assures Todd he did fine because he applied himself. Walt brings up the topic of money, but Todd would like to save that conversation until he has a handle on things.

The next day, Waxberger heads to Dorothy's desk with a new tasty treat: cake pops with smiley faces. She awkwardly thanks Dan, avoiding eye contact as she grabs her keys. There is no joy as she walks to the locker. Dan starts loading the boxes, looks up and sees Gomez and two other DEA agents standing in the doorway. "Hey," Dan says. "Hey," Gomez replies, with the goofiest of grins on his face.

Dinner time at the White house. Skyler has opted to drink her dinner as we hear Walt take something out of the microwave. He joins his wife at the table and begins to talk about the new guy at work. Skyler picks up her wine glass, stands up and walks away.

Cut to Walt blubbering in Hank's office again about marital relations. Hank is looking for an ejector seat or a cyanide pill, anything to escape this situation. Walt asks if there's any coffee and Hank can not get out of the office fast enough. He mimes suicide as a co-worker walks by. Walt gets the bug and tracer and notices a poster with surveillance photos on a nearby easel. Hank comes back with the coffee. As they sip, the camera switches to the point-of-view that a security camera would have. I'm not sure if this is to imply an actual security camera (which would have witnessed Walt's tampering) or if it is just to get the shot of Gomez coming in as the brothers-in-law sip coffee. Hank steps out to talk with Gomez and Walt looks at the photo poster. The conversation is whispered, but Walt picks up the phrases "he's flipped" and "he's going to give us Ehrmantraut?" Hank and Gomez high five. Walt's face does the opposite of a high five.

Kaylee swings at a playground as Grandpa Mike works on a crossword on a nearby bench. Mike's phone rings and it's Dan. He says there's a small situation and asks if Mike can talk. Mike says he's free in a few hours, but Dan says he needs to meet now and asks where Mike is. Mike tells him he's at the park with his granddaughter and Dan says he'll meet him soon. Mike hangs up and his phone rings again. He checks the ID, lets out a grumble and answers. "Mike they're coming for you," Walt says. He explains someone flipped, something involving banks and a lawyer. Mike hangs up and sees a police car pull up. He gets behind a tree and spots another police car pulling up. Kaylee, whose back is to her grandfather, doesn't see him run away.

"How can Mike use that clown of a lawyer?" Saul asks rhetorically as he paces around his office. He tells Jesse and Walt to always consult with him before using outside counsel. Walt changes the subject to what they can do, but Saul says Mike needs to get away otherwise he could flip. Jesse doesn't think Mike will ever flip, but Walt says the Nine will. Yeah, it will be a race to the DA's office to get the sweetest deal in that situation. Saul's phone rings and he heads to his desk. He has a drawer filled with cell phones and he has to check a few before answering the correct one. Hehe. Saul puts Mike on the speakerphone to speak with "the brain trust." Mike is all "huh?" before explaining he needs someone to get his escape bag from the car at the airport. Saul lectures Mike about outside counsel from hack lawyers, but Mike tells him to shut up. Jesse volunteers to get the bag, but Mike wants Saul to do it. Saul says the DEA is probably waiting at his car for just this situation, so Walt volunteers.

Walt gets to the car and checks the Go Bag. There's some money, a passport and a gun inside. Walt zips the bag shut.

Mike skips some stones at a stream. He hears a car approach the clearing where Mike was hanging out earlier. Walt gets out of his car and retrieves the go bag from the trunk. "Before I hand this over I need something from you," Walt says. He wants the names of The Nine. Since Walt isn't going to pay them off, Mike sees no reason to give up that information. "It affects me," Walt says, "and it affects Jesse too." Mike tells Walt that they need to leave town. Walt says he can't just up and leave, but Mike isn't sympathetic. Mike takes the bag from Walt, says goodbye and walks to his car. "You're welcome," Walt says passive-aggressively. Mike stops and chuckles, "I'm sorry, what?" Walt demands the names again. "I don't owe you a damn thing," Mike says, "all of this falling apart like this is on you." Walt scoffs, but Mike accuses Walt of screwing everything up because his ego couldn't handle Fring. "If you'd done your job, known your place, we'd all be fine right now," Mike says. He returns to his car. Walt storms to his car, walks out of frame, then storms towards Mike's car. Mike unzips the go bag and sees the passport and money, but the gun is gone. Walt shoots through the window. Mike drives off but only goes about 50 meters before crashing. Walt looks shocked at what he has done and jogs over to the car. The driver's door is open and Mike is gone.

Walt follows the footprints to a rock with a bloody handprint. He goes through some brush and finds Mike sitting on a rock looking towards the stream. Walt holds his gun on Mike, but Mike isn't moving. He pulls the gun Mike always kept in a waistband from out of his victim's hand. Mike blinks as he stares at the water. Walt is at a loss for words. "I…I just realized that Lydia has the names," Walt stammers. "I'm sorry Mike," Walt says before starting to ramble. "Shut the fuck up and let me die in peace," Mike says.

Michael Ehrmantraut, efficiency expert, security specialist, grandfather to Kaylee, died as he lived: with a permanent case of the Mondays.

Next week on the mid-season finale of Breaking Bad: The Nine are ready to flip on Fring Incorporated. Jesse asks Walt what they will do about them, but Walt says there is no "we" here. Lydia is back and Walt needs her to tie up loose ends.

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