10 Awesome things about The Bachelorette Season 9 Finale: Who did Des choose?
Aug 05 2013 10:11 pm CET

Tonight we learn The Bachelorette Desiree's fate after Brooks' admission that he's just not into her enough and her admission that she might not be able to love Chris or Drew enough.

But Desiree decides to forge on and, for the pomp and circumstance of it all, Chris Harrison brings the guys to the Rose Ceremony from last week even though Brooks already sent himself home. So Des explains what happened with him, neglecting to tell the final two that she's already lost her #1.  (And we spend the whole episode waiting for him to surprise her and come back.)

Here is the final list of awesomeness for this season of The Bachelorette:

1) "I just want to go home, honestly." - Des on her feelings after Brooks exits. This looks great for whomever she DOES pick. ["I, for one, welcome the Miss America runner-up rules to the proceedings." - ed. ]

2) The finale also includes Chris Harrison before a live studio audience.

3) The range of pastel tones in said live studio audience.

4) Des on Drew "I'm hoping that there will still be sparks." Ummm...and then the awkward chit chat between them on their horseback ride. "I don't know what to feel...there's just something not feeling right."...and then Des sends him home.

5) Can we turn down the crashing waves? I'm trying to hear someone's heart breaking.

6) Des doesn't send Chris home...yet.

7) The Titanic sound-alike Soundtrack to Chris and Des on a boat that isn't yet a sinking ship.

8) Des' brother, the reason she went home on The Bachelor, returns.

9) "Or will she be the first Bachelorette ever, to end up alone." Oh, Chris Harrison.

10) "Do you want to grow old together?" At least for now, Desiree and Chris are engaged!

10.1) After the final rose, will Chris still feel the same way when he finds out HOW in love Des was with Brooks just a few days before the final rose?

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