5 Awesome Things from Whodunnit? Season 1 Episode 7: Party Crasher
Aug 05 2013 07:46 am CET

There's no room for error on Whodunnit? as there are only five contestants (one of whom is the killer) left in Rue Manor. However, there are errors aplenty as they try to figure out who got the drop on Geno.

Despite Giles' assurance that no one was going to be killed last week, Geno learned it was more of a lu-OWWWW than a luau as a result of not solving Dana and Sasha's double murder. It wasn't the Phantom of the Opera dropping a chandelier that killed Geno, though. Here's what happened:

The killer broke into Geno's room by picking the lock with a bobby pin. The killer wrote a note instructing Geno to steal Giles' cell phone if he wanted to be spared. The killer also left a beaded lei, covered with glow-in-the-dark paint, but Geno didn't take it with him when he headed to the party. At the party, a timer was set up in one of the hidden power outlets so it would short circuit the lights. The killer was going to use night vision goggles to spot Geno's necklace and then strangle him. Since he didn't wear the proper necklace, the killer had to go to plan B: shoot Geno in the gut with a silenced 9mm. The killer also painted the Rue Manor crest with the glow-in-the-dark paint, so s/he could drag Geno's body under the chandelier and flip the lever to cause it to crash down on the corpse.

The players missed quite a few clues in their investigation. Lindsey was the only one to search the last known whereabouts, but did not find the bobby pin (not that it was a major clue). At the crime scene, Kam did find the timer on the outlet, but both he and Ronnie missed the lever hidden behind a curtain. Also, neither seemed to comment on the six-foot streak of blood, showing that Geno was dragged and that there was no way the chandelier was the murder weapon. Cris and Melina investigated the morgue and didn't seem to miss any of the clues, including the bullet hidden in Geno's gut. The riddle focused on the night-vision aspects of the crime, including glow-in-the-dark letters on lei beads. Kam completed the riddle and found the gun and goggles in a drawer in the ballroom.

Since Team Kam had all the information, it was no surprise that Ronnie and Melina ended up with Scared cards. Lindsey presented the best case, which suggests she didn't share the info about the beads on Geno's bed. Ultimately, it was Ronnie who was dispatched by the killer, but in an awesome way that I'll get to momentarily:

1 - Giles really is the MVP of Whodunnit? His increasing hostility toward the contestants as they continue to inconvenience him is delightful. Dude is just trying to get some sun by the pool (while still wearing his gloves!) and most of these guests have outlived their welcome. Poor Giles.

2 - The riddle began with all of the contestants blindfolded and led to a completely dark storage room. It was as if ABC brought back Dating in the Dark. For whatever reason, this looked like the most fun riddle to decipher.

3 - Prior to the case presentations, Giles offered a hint: "How did Geno crash my party?" Ronnie interpreted this as needing to figure out how the chandelier fell. The last clue of the riddle involved the Hear/See/Speak No Evil monkeys, so Ronnie's theory involved a trained monkey pulling a pin to drop the chandelier. The killer does not award points based on creativity or grasping at straws.

4 - All five players survived the night and gathered for breakfast. Giles entered the dining room to announce a spa day. "There's so many bad things that can happen at a spa," Ronnie says, most likely based on watching Lifetime's Deadly Spa a few months back. Neither Melina nor Ronnie expected much relaxation, as Melina may be getting the facial of doom while Ronnie will get the hot tub treatment. The good news: Ronnie was not boiled alive. Instead, he was catapulted from the tub to the pool.

5 - Geno's goodbye message from the morgue: "I'm not really dead, mom. It's all makeup. It all comes off." Hehe.

Finally, here's the circumstantial evidence suggesting Cris is the killer. First, Kam says he doesn't think one of his teammates is the killer, even though neither teammate has received a scared card. Also, when Cris and Lindsey are shown on screen as Kam lays out his theory, there's a music sting when Cris pops up on the screen, but not Lindsey. Cris also continued her quest to throw other players under the bus, extending an invitation to Melina to ditch Ronnie.

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