The Hero Season 1 Episode 8 Season Finale: Who won The Hero?
Aug 01 2013 09:02 pm CET

$610,000 is on the line as America voted for a winner of the inaugural season of TNT's The Hero. Did Darnell, Dave, Lydia, Marty or Patty win the show? How are Shaun, Rachel, Athena and Charles doing? And will The Rock make this hour of television entertaining?

After the cast members were introduced, there were the obligatory clips of fights. Athena and Lydia rehashed their differences while Shaun repeatedly got schooled by the Rock. The latter was delightful, the former was shameful.

Throughout the hour, the five remaining players were eliminated. Dave, the doctor who won the first Hero Challenge, was the first to be eliminated, followed by Marty. Lydia was also eliminated after a heated exchange with Rachel. Ultimately, it was Patty who won "by a landslide vote" of over 50%.

It was hardly surprising that this is how the end played out, but a show with such promise became a major disappointment in eight short weeks. If the show returns for a second season, these are my recommendations:

  • Make the show elimination-based from the start. Having a final five is cumbersome and not satisfying. Had they done an elimination every week, we would have had two finalists and a more reasonable vote.

  • Provide a clearer definition of "hero." At this point, particularly with the home audience determining the winner, "hero" seems synonymous with "queen for a day."

  • Make the temptation offers more tempting. The show did a better job of this toward the end of the season, where rejecting the offer has negative consequences for someone other than not getting money.

  • Make the show 44 minutes of the Rock. He is delightful.

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