10 Awesome Things about The Bachelorette Season 9 Episode 10
Jul 30 2013 08:37 am CET

We're in Antigua! This week's overnight dates will signal the last rose ceremony before the Bachelorette finale. But before his overnight date, Brooks, takes a special trip to Boise, Idaho to talk to his mom and sister about his feelings (or lack of feelings strong enough) to propose. Luckily Drew and Chris are still madly in love with Des, hopefully she wasn't planning to pick Brooks....yeah, she was.

1) Drew's hot. We know because we can see him and also Des can't stop saying so.

2) Des also loves a picnic at a scenic overlook.

3) We still have helpful live tweets, such as "Drew, great for the fantasy suite, not for the altar." Sick burn.

4) Ooops, the rain forces Des and Drew to skip outside dinner and head right to the fantasy suite.

5) I'm not sure the fantasy suite is aptly named.

6) "When people say 'do you love Desiree?' I shy away from that question." -The moment we realize Brooks has gone to talk to his mom and sister before going to Antigua. He'll probably drop Des before she drops him.

7) Barbados and Bermuda had a baby and it's the Island of Barbuda (no, really this island is called Barbuda).

8) It wouldn't be Season 9 without a poem from Chris...

9) That other moment when the music is cut and Brooks tells Chris Harrison Des is not the love of his life.

10) "I love you." Why didn't you tell me that." "I couldn't." "You can say anything you want." "I was going to tell you today." The solid 10 minutes Brooks spends telling Desiree he's just not that into her, or at least not in love with her. Unfortunately, Desiree seems to have really been in love with him. She knows she can't love Drew and Chris as much as they love her. "Honestly, for me, it's over."

Next week, the finale continues....

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