5 Awesome Things About Whodunnit? Season 1 Episode 6: All the World's a Stage
Jul 29 2013 08:22 am CET

Sunday's Whodunnit? featured the first double murder of the season, as Sasha and Dana paid the price for not figuring out how Ulysses gave up the ghost. This was by far the creepiest case to date. When we last left the show, Geno had just discovered the embalmed victims propped up by the piano in the lounge, dressed in old Hollywood garb.

Here's how the murders happened. The killer, with a wheelbarrow/dolly hybrid cart took a secret elevator up to the victims' bedrooms. Using an elaborate hook device, the killer was able to open the locked doors by pulling the inside door knobs. S/he started with Sasha, who was chloroformed and placed in the cart. Then the killer woke up Dana and threatened her with a knife. The killer forced Dana to push the cart into the elevator by jabbing her with the business end of a hunting knife, leaving a drip trail of blood. Once down in the morgue, the killer took the victims into a secret room we'll call the hostel, as it became a torture chamber for the victims. After Dana was chloroformed, the killer slit the arms of both women and drained the blood into a nearby sink. The killer then dolled up the women and placed them in the lounge, turning the AC on full blast to make sure everyone felt chills. Even though it's weird to say after seeing victims six and seven, this was a rather sadistic scenario.

The investigation featured the morgue and the last known whereabouts of each victim. In the bedrooms there were Geno-sized footprints everywhere, which Cris used to cast suspicion. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Kam discussed a deal in the morgue to ice out Geno completely. Kam was open to the idea, but he did not want Geno to get any information this week. Ronnie wanted to hedge his bets and offer misinformation, such as mislabeling the arm slits and not mentioning Dana's back wounds at all. The two did not see eye-to-eye.

The riddle sealed the fate for Team Geno. The search began in a theater where each cast member had a mannequin doppelgänger, but with melted faces and scars. Not cute. Geno solved the first part of the riddle, but it was Cris who figured out where surgery on the dummies was required. Oddly, she seemed to know immediately where the hidden room was in the morgue, giving her another riddle win. Also, she discovered the killer used Geno-sized shoes, but they were stuffed to accommodate smaller feet. Despite all this info, Kam ended up presenting the best case.

Here are the awesome things that happened this week on Whodunnit?:

1 - Once the cast was assembled in the lounge upon the discovery of the bodies, a waltz began to play. Giles and the maids took some time to show off their skillz. "I was a bit of a ladykiller," Giles said, reminiscing about his days of cutting a rug back in London. Oh, Giles.

2 - The dummies in the theater were the creepiest things I've seen on television in quite a while. I have a thing about melted faces. Then the contestants had to slice up their own dummies with scalpels. So creeeeeeeepy.

3 - Dana really committed to her role as murder victim in the crime reenactment. I'm glad she was still able to offer one last contribution to the show, even if it is directly quotable.

4 - Following his win after the case presentations, Kam gives a talking head interview that doubles as an acceptance thank you speech. He's a jerk, but a fun jerk.

5 - After Ronnie and Geno have time to grouse about their "Scared" cards, Giles returns to announce that the murderer is taking this week off and there will be a luau to celebrate. Lots of jokes about things getting lei'd and then Giles attempts the limbo. I thought maybe he was going to be the victim, but then the lights cut out and we see Geno has been crushed to death by a fallen chandelier. Whoops.

With the discovery of the stuffed shoes, it has become quite apparent that one of the remaining women is likely the killer. Also, neither Lindsey, Cris, nor Melina have received a "Scared" card. Cris worked extra hard to throw suspicion on Geno this week and she still doesn't talk about the experience in terms of her winning the game. I think she may have also hedged herself this week in the case presentation so people would not get suspicious of her.

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