The Hero Season 1 Episode 7 Recap: Sacrifice
Jul 27 2013 06:38 pm CET

The Hero continues its slide in quality this week with an episode that basically sums up everything wrong with the format of the show. Closing out the events from last week, Charles returns to the penthouse to announce his elimination plans. Although he says he's sad to eliminate anyone and respects Athena for holding her own despite everyone's horrible treatment toward her, Athena is sent packing. BOOOOOOOO! I mean, I still don't know how "Hero" is being defined by this show, but if it has anything to do with character development in a storytelling sense, she was a top contender. Also, as the cast gets whittled down, she was about the only person left who I sort of like and wouldn't mind if she won. At least she's leaving with some cash.

The next day the cast gets information about their final task. $100,000 for the pot and $50,000 for the Red Cross are at stake, but only five get to go. Patty doesn't want to sit out, even though she is the obvious choice since the instructions have people going on the roof of Trump Tower. Patty decides to be "selfless" (from the Latin for "avoiding a fight you are never, ever going to win") and sit out because this is for the Red Cross. Whatever.

The other five – Marty, Charles, Dave, Lydia, and Darnell – meet The Rock on the roof and learn they have 10 minutes to complete both phases of the task. Phase One requires all five players to rappel face-first 200 feet down the curved side of the building. "Epic and unbelievable had a baby and popped out this challenge," Rock enthuses, but I'm pretty sure this has been done on The Amazing Race at least once or twice.

As the five work their way down the building, The Rock calls Patty and invites her to the tower. Once there, she is presented with yet another offer: $35,000 or she has to do Phase Two of the challenge. In this case, Phase Two requires the participant(s) to cross a tightrope between the two buildings of the tower. In other words, Patty's choice is Cake or Death. At this point, the team has finished Phase One with 3:30 left on the clock. Patty knows this and figures the only way they can have a chance of winning the task is if she goes alone. Lydia and Dave are disappointed they won't get to do Phase Two. Marty is livid and throws another temper tantrum. Fortunately, everyone is over Marty at this point.

As the challenge begins, we get a montage of all of Patty's freakouts, like that time she couldn't go up a flight of stairs. For someone who did exactly zero Hero Challenges and was absent from most of the interpersonal drama, the amount of airtime Patty has received this season is somewhat staggering. She manages to complete the walk—which, in fairness, looked terrifying—with only about six seconds left. Even if Lydia/Dave/Marty beasted the challenge, they would not have been able to finish in time.

Patty returns to the penthouse to celebrate the win. Marty still acts like a petulant brat because he didn't get to play and Patty apologizes to him. GUH. Darnell tells her later she shouldn't do that and the two of them along with Dave talk about Marty's immaturity. Marty eavesdrops, but doesn't bother confronting anyone.

Later during dinner, Charles steps into the living room for a minute and sees a new message on the monitor: one more person will be voted out of the game. When he returns, everyone knows something is up. He breaks the news and adds "I'll make it easy for you guys." Lydia and Patty start sobbing. Charles says he wanted his moment, which he got last week. "I don't need to go to the final to know I'm a hero." This right here is the fundamental problem with this show: what the hell is everyone's motivation? It's obviously not money, since everyone left except Darnell has rejected all cash offers. If it's validation, validation from whom? The Rock? America? TNT? I just don't get it.

There's discussion about options before the war room meeting. Yes, Charles asked to go home, but Marty has become insufferable. In the War Room, each person talks about their experience and what they gained out of the show. Patty no longer considers herself "just a mom," Dave likes being in the medical field, Darnell's dad sounds like a good egg, Lydia sees heroes in everyone, Marty's not an angry dude, and Charles goes into his Jim Jones mode again. The players vote and here are the finalists:

Patty: Who displayed heroism by not dying. Weakness: Johnson & Johnson No More Tears Baby Shampoo
Darnell: The only person to do two Hero Challenges and take money after completing one. Weakness: Wrenches to the noggin.
Lydia: The only woman to do a Hero Challenge. Weakness: Loner.
Dave: The first person to do a Hero Challenge. Haven't really heard much from him since. Weakness: Airtime.
Marty: GUH.

So that means Charles goes home. No $610,000 for him, which he would have easily walked out the door with if he hadn't thrown himself on a sword he alone provided. America has voted (polls closed late Friday night), so one of these people will be getting a huge chunk of change because…they were the most homesick? Seriously, what is this show about?

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