5 Awesome Things About Whodunnit? Season 1 Episode 5: Bum Ba Dee Da
Jul 22 2013 10:41 am CET

This week on Whodunnit? we say goodbye to Ulysses and try to figure out which snake in the grass did him in. But the Killer ups the ante by committing a double murder for those who can't piece the case together. Which cast members were spared and which were scared?

Last week on Whodunnit: Ulysses took a wild ride when he could not determine that Don had been blasted with cyanide instead of dying in the more badass "eaten by a mountain lion" fashion. The cast went horseback riding in the Rue Woods. All seemed fine until a flock of birds sprung up and spooked the horses. Ulysses' horse started to wander, but we can see he is already dead before he and the horse capsize on the hillside.

Here's what happened: before the cast set out on the ride, the killer got to work in the stable. S/he took some oleander (a poisonous flower) and ground it up in a nearby mortar and pestle. After hammering two finishing nails into a plank, the killer rubbed the ground up flower onto the exposed tips. Out on the trail, the killer rigged a trip wire that attached to a cage holding a flock of birds. In the chaos of the spooked horses, the killer smacked Ulysses' right leg with the weapon s/he created. To throw people off the trail, a snake was planted in a saddlebag, but it was located on Ulysses' left, not his right.

Dana was the only player at the morgue to notice that Ulysses had a bite-like marking on his right leg and a corresponding mark on his jeans. However, she missed that there were wood splinters in the jeans where the holes were, which should have tipped her off that it wasn't a snakebite that did Ulysses in. Further complicating things was disagreement within Team Geno as to whether or not the snake he found in the saddlebag was poisonous or not. Sasha recalled a rhyme about how coloring can determine the level of danger, but her teammates were convinced that a chart at the morgue they half-remembered combined with Geno's description of the snake indicated the viper was poisonous (it wasn't). As a result, Dana and Sasha ended up with Scared cards. However, the killer has upped the ante and issued a third Scared card to Geno.

The cast returned to Rue Manor to await the next strike of the killer. The next morning, organ music can be heard playing through the house. Geno heads downstairs and finds Sasha sitting at a piano and Dana standing next to her. They are both dressed in gowns and look like wax figures. Quite dead wax figures. It's unsettling.

Here are five awesome things that happened during this week's Whodunnit:

1 - This didn't happen on the show, but I found out that the guy who plays Giles is married to Melora Hardin, who played Jan on The Office. That seems like a good match.

2 - Geno attempted to issue the death knell on Team Kam during the post-investigation brown-bag lunch. He tells Kam, Lindsey and Cris that if one of them defects, it would practically guarantee the elimination of the other two. No one takes him up on the offer, but I like the ingenuity.

3 - "I hate this thing. It's satanic." Dana did not appreciate the pathway puzzle that was part of the riddle exercise. I'm going to miss her quotable moments.

4 - Sasha took a swig of Kam's Tennessee whiskey as they waited for the results of the contestants cases. Cris won the presentation. After Giles explains the murder he hands out the spared/scared cards. When Sasha sees her scared card, she goes off on her teammates for not listening to her about the snake rhyme. I wish she had more whiskey during her run on the show.

5 - Oh, hi defrocked Ulysses, giving us your goodbye message. Glad you weren't set on fire or attacked by bees. Looks like the yoga is benefiting everyone.

I still think Cris is the killer, although there wasn't much evidence to support that conclusion this week. Reality Blurred has lifted the veil, in that the killer doesn't know how the crimes are committed ahead of time. In other words, whoever the killer is is basically playing the game with immunity rather than with means/motive/opportunity. The only other evidence that's out there is Cris' complete silence on Twitter. Even Don tweets about the show and he's not in the game anymore. Perhaps she is tweeting as the Killer…

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