The Hero Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Endurance
Jul 19 2013 12:39 pm CET

This week The Hero tests the endurance of the players, both physically and strategically. Marty has some ugly moments and Charles gets his chance to do the Hero Challenge, the last of the season.

Last week on The Hero: Shaun got the boot courtesy of Marty. Once that unpleasantness was dealt with, the team challenge began with a lie detector test. Rachel and Darnell lied during the task, but the consequences weren't felt until the Hero Challenge. For phase two of the team challenge, Rachel, Patty and Lydia dealt with challenges in a bus graveyard. Patty challenge included getting bombed with tear gas. It was kinda beast. Lydia was selected for the Hero Challenge nature hike, which she completed with relative ease. Although Athena seemed like the obvious choice for elimination, Lydia gets on her high horse and punishes Rachel for her earlier lie.

The seven remaining heroes learn this week's twist: only four will go to the Team Challenge. The clue: descend to the innermost cave. Marty starts bouncing around, excited about how awesome the challenge will be and how he's totally going to rock it. Everyone's like "chill, dude," and then another message appears on the screen: This week is the last Hero Challenge. Marty, Charles and Patty all want in, as does Athena. Athena points out that some people in the cast have already done Hero Challenges, so this is the last chance for a few people. Lydia sits out since she played last week and Darnell sits out so Dave can play. It comes down to Marty or Lydia, and the conversation takes a gross turn. Dave doesn't trust Athena and thinks Marty deserves it, while Marty is all "I'm giving you the opportunity." Marty elects himself the chair of the itty bitty pity party committee. This is not his best moment.

Patty, Dave, Charles and Athena head to Lake Bayano for the Team Challenge. They find a tablet hanging on a tree with instructions for Phase One. There's a clearing with four different relics, each with a different weapon nearby. The team needs to find the clearing and smash all four relics. The 30 minutes begin and the team finds the clearing and the first relic, which has a basket of rocks. This slows the team down quite a bit as it takes over 10 minutes before Charles lands a hit. The next relic is near some bows and arrows. Patty does not fire one arrow correctly. Athena manages to chip the relic, but its Charles who knocks it to the ground. The next weapon is a slingshot, which Charles holds in one hand while Dave pulls back and fires. The last relic needs to be speared, which Charles accomplishes. Charles was obviously the MVP of Phase One, so he gets to pick his partner for Phase Two. He goes with Patty, which causes Dave and Athena to harumph.

Phase two of the task has Patty and Charles rappelling 180 feet into the maw of a cave. The descent goes well for the most part, but they only have a little less than nine minutes to complete the phase. When they reach the bottom, they land in water that is about thigh-high. Patty and Charles struggle to wade through and spot a ladder leading to a tablet. On the tablet is an offer: $50,000 can be removed from the jackpot and they can either split it or one person can take all the cash. Meanwhile, Athena and Dave are presented an offer of their own. One person will get $35,000 and the other will be eligible for the Hero Challenge. The downside is that Patty and Charles will have to take a boat that barely looks seaworthy to a bus stop and a long ride home. Basically this is Athena and Dave putting their credit on the line one week before the audience votes for a winner.

Athena and Dave reject their offer and take the long ride home. Patty and Charles reject their offer too, and have three minutes to get to the final tablet and end Phase Two. They start running out of the cave, but Patty loses her footing several times on the watery path. Charles keeps cheering her on and asking Patty to dig, but the falls cost too much time and they fail the task.

Patty and Charles return to the penthouse and recap the challenge. They are in surprisingly good spirits despite not winning the money for the red cross and making the Hero Challenge that much more difficult. Marty is super-pouty throughout this story, which is rather disrespectful to the people who were actually on the challenge. Maybe Marty is a champion rock-thrower, otherwise he needs to zip it. Dave and Athena take forever to get back to the penthouse, and the editing almost suggests they may have slept through their stop.

Considering who goes to the Hero Challenge is a pointless exercise this week. Charles has been wanting to go on one the entire series and you know Patty would not deprive him of that. Also, everyone knows there's no way Patty will be able to complete the challenge since there is such a significant time crunch. On the flipside, Charles potentially failing the challenge should be an attractive option since he is probably the most likely to win the audience vote. After talking about the dangers of "what if" scenarios and everyone tearing up about families, Charles gets voted into the Hero Challenge.

Charles meets the Rock at the center of the field at the national soccer stadium. The Rock points out eight flares position in the seats around the stadium. At each flare is a tablet with a question. Answer the question correctly and a code will be revealed to unlock the bag with $10,000 waiting at the base of the flare. An incorrect answer locks the screen for 30 seconds. After retrieving a bag, Charles will have to drop it off at center field and go to the next bag. He will have 35 minutes to collect all eight bags. I'm exhausted just from writing about what he will have to do. Before the challenge begins, we see Charles' wife on the jumbotron and they have a moment. This show is really putting the Survivor family visits to shame.

Charles begins and races to the first flare. The questions are about events that have happened on the show, such as "Who did Rock refer to as 'Ambercrombie & Bitch?'" (That was Shaun.) Charles gets the answer and the bag and returns to Rock with 31 minutes left on the clock. His next question: "How much money has the team earned for the Red Cross?" Charles says there were five challenges and they failed two. There were six challenges, which probably through off his math. There were four choices provided and Charles gave three incorrect answers. "Shit," Rock says, looking at time ticking down. Charles knows he can't afford to get any more questions wrong. He rallies and has about four minutes left when he drops off the seventh bag. Charles answers his final question correctly and has 1:42 left to get the bag back. Rock cheers him on, and Charles does the smart move of throwing the bag to the lower level so he doesn't have to carry the extra weight.

The last check of the clock is about 25 seconds when Charles retrieves the bag on the lower level. He gets back to the Rock, who gives Charles a hug, recaps the challenge, vamps for a bit, and tells Charles he just won $80,000. Awesome. Charles can either keep the money and go home, or stay in the game and eliminate another player. The credits start to roll as Charles weighs the pros and cons, so it seems clear what he intends. Nope – Charles decides to stay in the game. We will find out next week who he decides to eliminate.

Next week on The Hero: Someone will get the boot (judging from the clips, it's either Marty or Darnell). Then the six remaining heroes will do a face-first rappel down a skyscraper. Then America will get to vote for the winner of The Hero.

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