10 Awesome Things About the Bachelorette Season 9 Episode 8
Jul 16 2013 08:36 am CET

Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette featured the moments we've all been waiting for: hometown dates. Desiree traverses the country and finds out everyone's family is a little crazy sometimes. Who did Des cut loose: Brooks, Chris, Drew or Zack?

In Texas, Zack introduces Des to his sister, brother, mom, dad and the family sno-cone truck. His family seems to genuinely like Desiree, but worry Zack might be a little more into it than she is, complete with the ring he gives her and the "I love you" he says to her.

Scottsdale finds Drew's family very, very nervous for him to jump in with both feet. Drew's family is big, and bigger with step-parents. Des and Drew pick up his sister who's mentally handicapped and has trouble communicating, but is so happy to see him!

Chris' hometown of McMinnville, Oregon is gorgeous, but he's more of a rugged guy taking Des on a tour of what lead to his previous career in pro baseball. Did we know that?  We knew Chris' family was important to him, but apparently there have been instances when the family didn't like his girlfriends. We don't find out what happened to them. His dad is already putting his hands on her, not like that, but the women in the family are VERY weary after the "last one."

Brooks is from Utah, so out last stop is Salt Lake City to meet his family. He's the only one to admit to us that he's still not sure how he feels about her.

Plus, Desiree's brother returns. While he doesn't meet the guys, he still isn't letting go of his protective attitude toward her.

Des admits she still loves Brooks even though he hasn't said the words, but luckily Chris' date made the stakes a little higher. Zack and Drew are still in the game, but we wonder how far behind they truly may be.

1) Zack apparently had a crazy dream about Des. It included melting in the heat of the sun, then frozen by the snow and finally chased around by hundreds of children. Des, and the rest of us, were confused, to say the least.

2)  The family sno-cone business. Zack's family sells snow cones, complete with brightly colored truck and penguin suit.

3) "Oh you're in for it," but "I'm overwhelmed by love." - Famous last words.

4) How alike Drew and his mom look.

5) The genuinely sweet moment when Chris tells us how excited he is that Des can actually catch, throw and hit a baseball.

6) Chris' dad's massage/chiropractic/ back alignment performed on Desiree a few minutes after they meet. Then he gives Chris some sort of nose alignment while they chat about Des.

7) "They're not tears of sadness, they're tears of joy." - More famous last words.

8) Brooks isn't sure of exactly how he feels about Desiree. This is awesome for US, maybe not so much for either of them.

9) Everyone in Brooks' family is wearing a name tag, because there are so many of them, and they all actually look alike.

10) Desiree's brother returns, and he's just as awful (read: entertaining) as he was last time!

In the end it's not surprising that Zack goes home. Maybe Des doesn't like sno-cones and tight abs as much as we thought.

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