5 Awesome Things from Whodunnit? Season 1 Episode 4: Mountain Lyin'
Jul 15 2013 12:38 pm CET

This week on Whodunnit, the killer adds a red herring to the mix when Don's trip to the maul is not quite what it seems. The division between Team Geno and Team Kam grows and no one trusts Lindsey at this point. Oh, and Giles has The Killer in his iPhone contacts.

Last week Don's fuse was cut short when he couldn't figure out how Adrianna bombed the previous week's mystery. He almost got to enjoy one last breakfast with his castmates, but an undercooked steak led to his demise.

Here's how Don's murder went down. The killer rigged the stove to spray out a blast of cyanide on the unsuspecting victim when s/he turned on the burner. However, to distract the players (and for LOLcat purposes), the killer added a mountain lion to the mix. A mat was placed in front of the stove that, when stepped upon, opened a secret panel in the wall where the cougar was hiding. Don wasn't mauled – the animal just wanted the steak. It did take a couple of nips out of Don, but he was already dead at that point.

Ronnie figured out the rigged stove angle by himself, but it was Geno who managed to get the technical details by solving the riddle. However, Dana drew on her own experience as a nurse and daughter of a steel plater to figure out the cyanide connection. Team Geno worked together to guarantee their safety and eliminate the players on Team Kam. Although the goal was to ice out Lindsey to the point she would get eliminated, it was Ulysses and Kam who received Scared cards.

The next day the cast went horseback riding. A flock of birds spooked the horses and Ulysses' horse took off. Both he and the horse fell down a hill. Sorry Ulysses.

Here are the awesome things that happened on the episode:

1 – Since Don's last known whereabouts was the dining room where everyone heard him screaming in agony, the show introduced a new investigation location: The Suspect. Cris and Geno got to poke around the anesthetized mountain lion, though the only info it provided was that the kitty was special ordered and hungry for a t-bone.

2 – "This is significant," Ulysses said, looking at a wound on Don's neck. Unfortunately, this is the same phrase Adrianna used when she found the door without a knob in her investigation two week's ago that led to her demise. If something is significant, it probably isn't.

3 – The strategy employed by Team Geno is unlike any I have seen on reality game shows. The goal was to ice out Lindsey since she managed to win last week's case by floating between both groups. However, that also required icing out the rest of her other alliance. He decided to protect Kam and Cris by giving them enough information to form a theory, but not enough to help Ulysses or Lindsey if they decided to share. Which leads to…

4 – Kam's theory: Don was scared to death. Really? Give the killer some credit, Kam. Also, Ulysses had the best line of the case presentations: "You go online, order a mountain lion. Who hasn't done that?"

5 – After the scared/spared cards were handed out at dinner, Giles received a call on his iPhone (his ringtone is a bugle). He puts The Killer on speakerphone and an audio collage of all the contestants claiming to be the killer plays. Anything to ratchet up the paranoia.

I still think Cris is the killer. She still hasn't had much screen time, she went to the least helpful of the three investigation locations, and she managed to avoid getting "scared" despite being iced out by Team Geno. Also, have we seen her in any of the case presentation montages?

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