The Hero Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: Honesty
Jul 12 2013 12:55 pm CET

This week's episode of The Hero is full of surprises. We learn who Marty chose to eliminate (you will not be surprised), tear gas incapacitates a player (guess who), and another elimination has a surprising outcome.

Last time on The Hero: the game got a little more real with player eliminations thrown into the mix. The team challenge went fine and Marty was sent to compete in the Hero Challenge. The Rock called out the women, saying they need to step up since they are 0 for 4 in attempting the Hero Challenges. Marty succeeds in his test and wins $60,000 for the pot. He can take $30,000 and leave the game but he decides to stay, which means he has to pick someone to go home.

We pick up the action right after Marty returned to the penthouse following the Hero Challenge. He explains the offer The Rock presented and says he refused it and then had to pick who he would eliminate immediately. Marty stalls for a bit before dropping the axe on Shaun. "I'm going home," Shaun says in an interview. "Fuck off." Eh, I'll sort of miss him. Shaun leaves the game with $35,000.

Athena is upset because her one friend in the house is now gone. However, her friendship with Shaun was probably the biggest obstacle to connecting with others in the house, so Athena's situation may be improving. Anyway, the clue for the next team challenge pops up on the video screen: "The truth hurts." $70,000 will be up for grabs this week. The women all want in so they can impress The Rock. Darnell sat out last week, so he wants to play this week. Marty is okay with sitting out. Dave would like to play, but with "the truth" as part of the clue, Darnell would feel more comfortable having Charles the cop on the team. Dave knows he won't be doing the Hero Challenge since it's ladies' night, so he's fine with sitting out.

The Rock enters the penthouse and escorts the cast to the War Room. Inside are an array of polygraph machines. "Honesty doesn't always lead us down the easiest path," The Rock says as he introduces Phase 1 of the team challenge. The team will get hooked up to lie detectors while Marty and Dave ask questions. If the test administrator determines a player has lied, five minutes will get taken away from the 45 minutes allotted for the Hero Challenge.

Question 1: Have you ever called Patty the weakest link? Oh, these questions should be fun. Darnell and Rachel say they did not and everyone else says they did. Patty didn't answer and you can tell she isn't amused. The good news: no one lied, so no time penalty. Question 2: Have you ever called Marty immature, naive or not smart? Everyone says yes. Marty doesn't seem too offended and gives a whoop of joy when "0 lies" shows up on the scoreboard.

Question 3: Did you ever say you felt like you were carrying Athena through a challenge. Everyone says no including Rachel, after a lengthy, smirky pause. Surprise: someone lied and just cost the team five minutes. Rachel claims she didn't lie, but then the show replays clips from a couple of weeks ago when Rachel was complaining about carrying Athena through the challenge. Oops.

We fast track through the rest of the questions and everyone tells the truth up until the last question. "Have you ever spoken disrespectfully about a teammate's profession? Darnell says no, but then we see clips of him referring to Charles as "copper" and the like. Darnell cops to it, as it were, but didn't realize he may have been disrespectful. Regardless of intention, that's another five minutes of the clock.

With Phase One complete, the team has to decide who will go on Phase Two. Darnell and Charles don't even enter the conversation. Patty says she wants the opportunity to impress The Rock. Athena wants the chance to redeem herself, but Rachel and Patty say her odds of saving herself are pretty slim. Athena doesn't buy that argument. Lydia raises the point that when Athena took the temptation, it prevented her from having a chance at the Hero Challenge. Athena concedes, giving Lydia props for a good argument.

Rachel, Patty and Lydia gather at a bus graveyard and find a tablet with instructions for Phase Two. Each player has to find one of three buses and following the instructions awaiting them. They have 15 minutes to complete the overall challenge. The women split up and Patty is first to find her bus. Oh, hi The Rock! "I cannot play with you anymore," Patty says when she realizes another offer will be put on the table. We'll check back with her later.

Lydia has found her bus, which has a few bees flying around it. A tablet hangs next to the closed door. Lydia turns it on and learns the bus has 250,000 bees inside along with several tablets. She has to go in, activate the tablets, and enter the code they provide to receive her next set of instructions. Lydia's not jazzed about what she has to do, but she puts on her beekeeper helmet and enters the bus. As she walks the length of the bus, Lydia narrates her really crappy upbringing, or lack thereof. Lydia finishes the task and is instructed to head to the bus Patty had to find.

We check back in with Patty while Rachel struggles to find her own bus. The Rock tells Patty he has the most difficult offer yet. The bus Rachel is looking for is armed with tear gas. If Patty takes $35,000, Rachel will get gassed. However, if Patty rejects the offer, she will get gassed. Whoever gets gassed will not be eligible for the Hero Challenge. To make the choice more difficult, The Rock hands Patty a phone. "Hey, no crying," Patty's husband says as she blubbers into the phone. I guess she's not playing up the emotions for the cameras. The Rock takes the phone and talks to Patty's kids, telling them that their mom is kind of a badass. Patty loves hearing this and that her son gets a chance to chit chat with his idol. Patty collects herself enough to explain the dilemma before her, but tells her husband that she did not want to take any offers, no matter how tempting.

Rachel finds the bus with a about 1:45 left on the clock. The Rock and Patty stand there, which Rachel correctly interprets as not good news. The Rock recaps the offer and Patty says she rejected it. "It sucks," Rachel says in an interview. "It makes you look good." Yeah, that's not quite why it sucks, Rachel. Patty will enter the bus and retrieve a code from a tablet. The gas will turn on and she has to stay in the bus for a minute. When she exits, she has to enter the code into a second tablet to complete the challenge.

Ironically, Patty does not respond well to the tear gas. She takes off her shirt to use as a filter, but 60 seconds is a long time to voluntarily expose yourself to the gas. She finally gets the go-ahead to exit, and she is struggling to breath. Patty puts the numbers into the second tablet, then collapses. The Rock tells her she needs to press the enter button as her time ticks down. With nine seconds left, Patty hits the button then proceeds to gag. Afterwards, Rachel says she would not have faulted Patty for taking the temptation. The Rock says the gas particles are still on Patty's clothes, but he gives her a congratulatory hug anyway. I bet The Rock gives good hugs.

Back at the penthouse, Patty recaps everything that happened at the challenge. Later, we see her dry-heaving and experiencing a severe case of the shakes. Dave comes in and goes into doctor mode until the paramedics come in. I have a feeling even if Patty wasn't DQ'd from the Hero Challenge, she'd probably opt to sit out – she looked really sick. "Next time take the money," Dave tells Patty as the EMTs give her some injections. Patty survives the night.

We rejoin the cast the next day in the War Room. The Rock appreciates the women stepping up this week and asks Patty why she rejected the offer. She says she planned on rejecting all temptations and also could not imagine purposely subjecting others to pain. She doesn't tear up as she speaks, which is progress. The Rock asks Athena if she has a target on her back now that Shaun is gone. She says she does and that there probably isn't much she can do now to get rid of it. Rachel and Lydia plead their cases, both touching on the sacrifices they made to be on a game show in a tropical climate. Life is hard sometimes, yo. Lydia lays it on extra thick, saying she has no one in her life to fight for, and she needs this because "I fight for me." Okay, I'm kind of on her side now. The votes are cast and Lydia is selected for the Hero Challenge.

Lydia stands atop Rebus Ridge, which is a ridge that has a rebus puzzle and not a Panamania tourist trap. She has 35 minutes to get down to The Rock, finding six icons buried in rock formations along the way. She has a backpack and a tablet to carry the icons. When she reaches The Rock, she has three guesses to decipher the phrase depicted by the icons. The winds look crazy, but the path is fairly straightforward. Lydia quickly figures out it makes more sense to take photos of the icons with the tablet rather than trying to haul them down the hillside. The icons are [The letter A] [Man Woman + a Rowboat] [IS] [A doctor delivering a baby] [A tied knot] [A French maid]. Translation: A He Row Is Born Knot Maid = A Hero is born, not made. Lydia uses up two guesses forgetting to include the "born" icon. She takes a moment to scroll through her photos before using her third guess.

"How epic do you feel?" The Rock asks after Lydia makes her third and final guess. He hands her the bag with $70,000. She takes out some of the money and looks at it. "With this money all of my dreams can come true," Lydia says in an interview. Her choice: Take the money and leave the game or add it to the pot and eliminate another cast member. "My journey doesn't end until America says it ends," Lydia says. Ooo.

Athena has a bad feeling as everyone waits for Lydia's return to the penthouse. Dave is worried too, because he thinks Lydia may consider him her biggest competition. Maybe this is a product of the editing, but I'm not sure Lydia is even aware Dave is in the house, let alone a threat. Lydia recaps the challenge and says she opted to stay in the game. She then goes through her hero criteria, specifically honesty and integrity. Even though she and Athena do not see eye-to-eye on most things, Lydia appreciated Athena taking responsibility for accepting the temptation. However, Lydia did not appreciate Rachel costing the team five minutes in Phase One and not owning up to her lie, accusing her of selfishness. Lydia eliminates Rachel.

Oh snap! As a gameplay move, that's rather bold and probably smart. Rachel disagrees, calling the move manipulative bullshit. I don't think Rachel had a chance at winning America's vote, but she easily could take a seat in the final, so it makes sense to boot her now.

Next week on The Hero: There's only 3 episodes left. Next week's Hero's Challenge will be the last of the season. Also, tension escalates as there are only seven players remaining.

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