10 Awesome Things About the Bachelorette Season 9 Episode 7
Jul 09 2013 07:46 am CET

This is the week on The Bachelorette we always take for granted. There's the guy we forgot about in all of the other drama (Michael), the front runner (Brooks) and everyone else in the middle. What happens on the island of Madeira may just stay on Madeira.

Desiree tells us several times that Drew is the best looking guy she's ever seen, but is that enough to want to go to his hometown and meet his parents?  Zack's has a "hot body": is that enough? Chris is "manly and romantic," is that enough? Unfortunately it takes a full two hours for us to find out. So until the hometown dates are upon us - the list of awesomeness.

1) No more hoodies!

2) We're one set of dates away from HOMETOWN Dates.

3) Some of Sean's former Bachelorettes and current fiancée Catherine show up to gossip with Des about the guys. Drew is the best kisser, Zack is the most adventurous, everyone's athletic and Des may or may not daydream about her suitors and their, um, assets.

4) Chris is on a poetry roll tonight with two. The second to tell Des he loves her while she looks on with tears building. It's a very nice moment, but so help me if Chris writes another poem!

5) "Land Tobogganing." Look it up!

6) Their one-on-one date reminds us that Michael's still on the show.

7) The serious distance by which Zack beat Drew on the go-kart track.

8) Usually subdued Chris pops his collar pre-rose ceremony.

9) That moment when we kinda hope Des picks Drew in the end because she's said he's both the best kisser of the five guys and also the best looking guy she's ever seen. So much for her future husband feeling secure.

10) My sigh of relief when Michael goes home. Because WHO ELSE could she have picked?!

Next week on The Bachelorette: it's the moment we've all been waiting for (and the date that sent Desiree home from The Bachelor)… HOMETOWN DATES!

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