5 Awesome Things About Whodunnit Season 1 Episode 3: Kaboom
Jul 08 2013 07:55 am CET

If you aren't watching Whodunnit on ABC, you should add it to your schedule. The grisly, yet tongue-in-cheek, mystery game had an explosive case this week. The solution and prep for next week are only a couple of the awesome things that happened on Sunday's episode.

So last week we lost Adrianna when she couldn't figure out why Dontae was so hot and bothered. The crime happened as Adrianna watched a rerun of Rock of Love while eating breakfast. Suddenly, the screen switches to surveillance footage of Adrianna and a message telling her to drive away from the estate if she wanted to live. Most of the doors from the dining room were locked with zip-ties and the only open doors led to a path with a golf cart at the end of it. Adrianna drove the cart toward the gate leaving the property, but got diverted from the road from a purposely placed tree limb. The cart stalls out on the grass, but she tries to open the gate with a remote. The remote turned on a video camera, which the killer could watch from the attic. Now that Adrianna is in position, the killer triggered a bomb that was planted under the driver's seat of the cart. Kaboom.

As for the gameplay, Ronnie figured out the riddle and was the only person who received the information about the monitor in the attic and the bomb remote. Information has become a valuable commodity, particularly with the Ulysses/Kam/Cris/Lindsey alliance. Ronnie tried to inform people who weren't in that alliance but they were also trying to decide whether or not they could woo Lindsey to their side. Eventually, Ronnie only told Melina and Lindsey about what he knew. With access to information on both sides, Lindsey won the Best Case award for the week. Sorry, Ronnie. Dana and Don ended the case with Scared cards.

At breakfast the next day, everyone showed up in their formalwear, including Don and Dana. Everyone carefully removed the lids from their breakfast trays to reveal steak and eggs. Don and Dana's meat was raw, but no explosions or poison (except an obvious case of salmonella). Don decided to prep his own breakfast, which leads to this week's list of 5 Awesome Things.

1: So Don's in the kitchen, firing up the stove to cook his raw, bloodied steak. The dumb waiter opens and a cougar creeps out. Long story short: this is the BEST LOLCAT EVER! The rest of the cast could hear the mauling, but weren't allowed to enter the kitchen until Giles ran in with an elephant gun.

2: "I'm extremely excited I wasn't murdered." Dana, in her first talking head interview of the episode. That will be my new daily mantra.

3: The presentation of the riddle had Giles holding a giant, cartoonish bomb – with a burning fuse and everything. It was like that scene from the 1960s Batman movie where some days you just can't get rid of a bomb.

4: The killer's remote, which s/he used from the attic to blow up Adrianna, was your basic universal or TiVo remote. The only difference is the giant red button in the middle with a picture of a bomb on it. I feel like that would be a useful feature for the average consumer.

5: Lindsey showed an interesting tell when conferring with Melina: she kept drinking from an empty water glass. Like, a dozen times. I don't think she's the killer, but she has really dug herself into a hole for future weeks.

My current theory: Cris is the killer. She's had remarkably little screen time compared to the other contestants and we are three weeks into the show. Also, she has not expressed any fears of being at risk, despite her alliance possibly crumbling around her. Keep an eye on Cris.

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