10 Awesome Things about The Bachelorette Season 9, Episode 6
Jul 02 2013 08:47 am CET

Barcelona: home of the 1992 Summer Olympics, beachy, bright, beautiful buildings and now The Bachelorette.  Coastal Spain is the next stop on the quest to be Desiree's man of steel, or just the franchise's next Bachelor.

Here's this week's list of awesomeness:

1) "He's so romantic and passionate about romance." - Des on Drew and their date.

2) European tourism's boost from the wandering around Des and her guys do on each of their first one-on-one dates.

3) Drew steals Des away from their dinner to make out in...an alleyway. At least Des thinks it's hot. Then Drew takes their special moment to reveal that James has mentioned making it into the top 4 and being the next Bachelor.

3) "This is amazing!" - everyone, always

4) Juan Pablo's accent, especially when talking about his kid. Juan Pablo was a professional soccer player and the group date is on a soccer field, so we get to hear a lot of Juan Pablo's accent. As they say in Spain, GOL!!

5) That awkward moment when the other guys see James walk back in and go to his room following his fiery confrontation with Des after she tells us "The walls are closing in and he has no idea what's about to hit him."

6) "I wasn't sure how Zack would feel about that full frontal." - Des on the nude model she and her one-on-one date are instructed to draw. Followed by Zack emerging in a robe for a, um, another subject to draw.

7) Drew's Clark Kent Hair of Steel.

8) That awkward moment when you realize Des is still not sending James home.

9) That not-so-awkward moment when you realize a full THREE guys are going home instead of just one and James IS one of the three.  Not so awesome: so is Juan Pablo.

10) That moment when you realize Juan Pablo is probably still single!

Next week on The Bachelorette: Madeira, an island off the coast of...Portugal!

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