The Hero Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: Heart
Jun 27 2013 10:28 pm CET

This week The Hero goes through a transformation: it's now an elimination game! Shaun and Athena have to redeem themselves, Charles and Marty want to prove themselves, and Rachel and Dave want to not die of dehydration. I think The Rock would approve of those goals.

Last week on The Hero: Trust began to disintegrate in the group after Athena decided to take a temptation from The Rock. The trade-off was having the three selected for the second half of the Team Challenge ended up going back to the penthouse. Darnell, Shaun and Athena were successful in the task, but that did not head off the fighting when they returned home. With Shaun and Athena on the outs, it wasn't a surprise that Darnell was selected to take on the Hero Challenge. What was surprising was that he decided to take the money after completing the challenge instead of adding it to the jackpot. Let's see how that plays out…

Night has fallen as Darnell returns to the penthouse. He tries to fake out his teammates, but they know right away he won the challenge. Darnell announces immediately he took the money and no one is that upset about it. Rachel interviews that she thinks it was a bad move strategically, but that's the only half-hearted dissent we hear. Shaun is more annoyed that people are saying things like "the good guy got some money."

As the cast chats, The Rock enters the penthouse and calls a meeting. Some changes are in the works. First, the Hero's Challenge is now worth $60,000. Nice – I was wondering when they were going to accelerate the jackpot building. However, The Rock slams on the brakes: the game is now in elimination mode. Be still, my recapping heart! It all comes down to the Hero Challenge. If the player fails, s/he will be eliminated. If the Hero is successful, s/he gets to send home one of the other contestants. BOOSH. The Rock interviews that this is a test to see how people react when their back is against the wall. Patty cries.

Later, once everyone has allowed this new development to sink in, they receive the clue for the next Team Challenge: "Jump. Endurance. Swim." Based on the clue, Marty suggests the team should be Athena, Shaun, Rachel, Charles and Dave. As they chat, the cast sees the donation to the Red Cross for a successful team challenge has been bumped up to $15,000. The cast goes with Marty's suggestion, and the team is told to head to San Sebastian Barrio.

The team arrives and receives instructions via tablet. Two of them need to find a code at some guy Napo's house. The other four need to go to Punta Pacifica. Shaun speaks Spanish, so he wants to go to the house. The team thinks Punta Pacifica refers to the swimming portion of the task, so they want to send the swimmers. This means Shaun and Athena would be a pair, and even they are dubious about this pairing, given their current "pariah" status. No one has an alternate lineup, so fingers crossed that the duo doesn't screw the team over, I suppose.

The task begins and Shaun does an excellent job of navigating the streets to find Napo's house. They find the location in about eight minutes, but no one seems to be home. Shaun and Athena search the house and find Napo, who bears a striking resemblance to The Rock. Time for this week's offer: the two can split $30,000, but the Hero's Challenge will be twice as hard. "Heroes and hard choices go hand-in-hand," The Rock says. Shaun and Athena step outside to discuss the terms. Neither expects to make it to the Hero's Challenge, so this choice is more about how the rest of the cast perceives them. Shaun likes having the power in their court, but Athena balks. "You have no heart, bro," she says. The two return to the Rock to make their decision. Athena feels she's in a catch-22 situation—she feels she needs to protect Shaun but she gave her word not to screw over the rest of the cast. Both players have to accept the offer, but Athena refuses to do so. They receive a code they need to relay to their teammates.

The foursome head to Punta Pacifica, which turns out to be a hospital rather than a vista del mar. Another tablet instructs them to get up to the 32nd floor. Oh, and the elevator is out of order. So the four have to run up the stairs. Unfortunately, Rachel is battling the flu so this would be the opposite of a fun run. Dave warns her to pace herself, but even that proves to be too much. Charles hangs back to help Rachel up the stairs. Dave helps too, but Marty is so pumped he doesn't realize his teammates have fallen way behind. They eventually get to the 32nd floor, with about 11 minutes or so remaining.

The team heads out to a bridge connecting two buildings. There are harnesses and helmets, which do not raise Rachel's enthusiasm. Another tablet is positioned on the bridge, but it's locked with the code they need from Shaun and Athena. The duo arrives and the foursome learns what they need to do. Each player has to grab a bag dangling out a few feet from the bridge. It isn't clear what happens if a bag is missed, but my guess is another stair climb. Rachel is first to go and she grabs her bag. Charles and Marty soon follow. The wind picks up as Dave gets ready to go. Also, Dave is the shortest member of the cast, so he is particularly concerned about his chances. He takes a leap…and grabs the bag. Phase one is finished with 10:36 on the clock.

The six reconvene. Shaun recaps what happened with the offer and the others seem to be impressed Shaun was able to resist temptation. Rachel remains suspicious, but at this point I think suspicious may be her default state (see also: Patty crying). They now need to figure out who will do phase two of the challenge. Rachel quickly volunteers to sit out. Athena has been in the last two phase twos, so she's okay with sitting out. Charles volunteered to sit out last time, so he wants in this time. Shaun wants in as does Marty. Dave says he isn't feeling 100%, so he "lets" Shaun go. I think Dave may be up to some shenanigans.

Phase two of the challenge takes place in the elevator. Marty, Shaun and Charles have to reverse rappel themselves up ten floors. Yeesh, that sounds exhausting. The clock starts and, yup, it's exhausting. Keep in mind, these are the three buffest guys in the cast. Shaun struggles with the rhythm at first, but he makes it to the top of the shaft. Marty quickly follows, but Charles gets stuck. Meanwhile, The Rock is on a platform atop another elevator yelling encouragement. "This is the Rock's show," he yells, "don't make me look bad." Charles has to take a breather with one floor—and one minute—to go. The Rock yells more encouragement and Charles finds his second wind. He reaches the finish line with 4.1 seconds left on the clock. YIkes. "You created an epic moment and kicked its ass," Coach Rock says.

Back in the penthouse, everyone is talking about the twists thrown into the game. Darnell is nervous that players will have the power to send someone home, and that someone could very easily be him. This also switches up the voting dynamic for the Hero Challenge. The guys return, drenched in sweat. Everyone thinks that meant they did the swimming, but the guys assure them that was not the case. Swimming will likely be the Hero Challenge. Shaun wants to go to the Hero Challenge, but Dave actively campaigns against him behind the scenes. He advises Charles to vote out someone who lacks integrity and, in a separate conversation, warns Marty that Shaun is his biggest competition. Shaun might not be the only villain this season.

War Room. The Rock opens with a story about Eddie Aikau. In 1978, he was part of a boating expedition from Hawaii to Tahiti. The boat sprung a leak and eventually capsized. Eddie decided to swim to shore to get help. Shore was 12 miles away. Although the Coast Guard rescued the ship, Eddie was never found. Since then, the phrase "Eddie Would Go" became an inspirational phrase in the islands. The Rock explains that the warrior spirit shown by Eddie is an example of mana, which is the inspiration for Dwayne's tattoos. It is also the inspiration for the Hero Challenge: a one-mile open ocean swim.

Charles says Eddie is one of his heroes and the reason why he is on the show. Although he is scared of the challenge, he wants the opportunity to attempt it and possibly fail. He doesn't want the cast to protect him. Patty talks about how Marty is like a son to her and she has the utmost confidence he would succeed in this challenge. Shaun goes into sanctimony mode, talking about how he defended Athena during her browbeating last week. He also would rather not lose by being eliminated by another contestant. The cast votes and Marty is selected for the challenge. He's ecstatic. Before dismissing the cast, The Rock mentions that no women have gone to the Hero Challenge yet. "Step up or step out," he warns.

Later, Marty meets up with the Rock at Taboga Island Marina. Marty will ride a boat nine miles out. There's a boat 10 miles out, so Marty will swim the remaining difference. There's a buoy near the boat the money is attached to. Marty has 40 minutes to retrieve the money. On paper it doesn't sound that tough, but the ocean waves are no joke. It takes Marty 17:10 to go half a mile, and you know the second half of that mile will take longer. He's even provided with flippers and it is a slog. Marty reaches the buoy with 1:50 left on the clock. He still has to reach the money bag. He starts to go underwater…and the clock stops at 1:47. Oh, the bag was right there. I thought it was farther underwater. Good for him.

Marty returns to shore. The Rock congratulates him for completing the task, then presents some options. Marty can keep half of the $60,000, but he will have to self-eliminate. Otherwise, the $60,000 goes into the jackpot and Marty will send someone home. Marty hands the bag to the Rock. We don't hear who he sends home.

Back at the penthouse, Shaun and Athena are a couple of flirty Gerties. They figure one of them will be going home if Marty succeeded in the challenge. However, Darnell is just as uncomfortable about his prospects of continuing. Marty returns and reports that he succeeded. And the contestant who will be going home is…going to be revealed in two weeks.

Next time on The Hero: Lie detectors! Bees! Game-changing consequences! Ambulances! And the first contestant will be eliminated. Based on the clips shown, it's between Shaun and Dave and probably the former.

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