Big Brother 15 Wednesday June 26 Episode Recap: 16 People Sharing One Bathroom
Jun 26 2013 09:59 pm CET

On the season premiere of Big Brother 15: we meet the 16 houseguests competing for $500,000, we learn of two new twists that will shake up the game, the first Head of Household gets crowned, and an alliance has already failed. Welcome back, show!

That year just flew by, didn't it? It seems like only yesterday when Ian managed to quack his way past Dan and win Big Brother. Now we have 16 new knuckleheads battling it out in carnival games and petty bickering for the next 90 days to win Julie Chen's approval. May the odds be never in your favor, or something.

Here are the very brief intros of the 16 Houseguests competing this summer:

Aaryn – A psych major at Texas State.
Nick – A doochus type personality who compares himself to Peter Parker. He dresses like Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation, which is the only thing about him I don't instantly despise.
Helen – A mom and political analyst who works for a Chicago politician but is based in Virginia.
Spencer – A burly, bearded train conductor from Arkansas. He may be this season's sociopath.
David – A lifeguard from San Diego who reminds me of Fabio from Survivor: Nicaragua. He's my preseason pick to win.
Elissa – A yoga instructor with crazyface. The crazyface may look familiar because her sister is Rachel (of "and Brenden").
Andy – Token gay contestant, public speaking professional and Big Brother superfan. He wears pajama shirts as if they are clothes.
Kaitlin – A bartender from Minnesota. Her accent can vouch for her hometown.
McCrae – A pizza delivery guy, also from Minnesota. There seems to be something going on in his mind, so don't let the occupation lull you into a false sense of security.
Ginamarie – A pageant coordinator from Staten Island. She's gregarious, but also seems like she might be genuinely fun. A bit loud.
Howard – A youth/family counselor from Mississippi. He's serious about his Christianity, which has a history of not doing people favors on this show.
Jessie – A volleyball enthusiast from San Antonio. She markets herself as "girls are always jealous of me," which may be contributing to her "unemployed" designation.
Jeremy – He lives on a boat. He's part Cherokee, as demonstrated by him doing actual war whoops because OH MY GOD THIS SHOW. If you watched the recent season of Joe Schmo, this is the character Lorenzo Lamas was playing.
Amanda – Umm…uhh…I blinked and missed her segment. I didn't even get her name until later in the episode. Oddly, this is probably the best first impression one can make since she has yet to offend my sensibilities.
Candice – Learned she was adopted when she was 26. That's all we get about her for now.
Judd – This guy is from the backwoods of Tennessee and has the most elaborate beer pong setup I've ever seen. He doesn't read as bumpkin, which is a shocking change of pace for this show.

Julie stands outside the house with the Houseguests and the studio audience. Oh yeah – they completely redid the exterior. They got rid of the front yard setup and instead repurposed the set from Million Dollar Password. The studio audience now faces the house and only the backs of heads of people in the front row are visible on camera. Why they needed a live audience for the house entry is beyond me. Julie lets people into the house in groups of four. The last group – Aaryn, Amanda, Spencer and David – do not get their own beds at this point, but I'm sure they'll figure something out.

Once everyone is inside, the cast gathers in the living room for the standard introductions. Not too much new information comes out of this, except that everyone is suspicious of McCrae. No one believes he is "just" a pizza guy. After the initial mingling, everyone splits up to explore the house. Jeremy, Spencer and Howard check out the mustache bedroom (???) and use this as a chance to create some sort of alliance. As soon as they make the deal, all three ask each other if they are still good to go. 15 seconds in and the alliance to end all alliances may be ending. Later, Jessie pulls David and Jeremy into a conversation about setting up something. Way to overplay, everyone.

Julie summons the Houseguests to the living room. She reminds the players that the Head of Household will nominate two people for eviction each week. Also, the cast should remember to expect the unexpected. To wit: this season, there will be three nominees each week. Julie won't say how the third nominee will be selected. Instead, she instructs the cast to head outside for the first HoH challenge of the season.

The backyard has a bunch of giant punching bags made to look like popsicles. This is a hang-on endurance challenge. As the players cling to the now-spinning and rotating bags, there's all kinds of grossness getting sprayed onto them. Unlike most first HoH competitions, this one lasts quite a while. Aaryn, the last woman to hang on, was the 12th person to drop at the three-hour mark. With four guys left – David, Jeremy, McCrae and Nick – Julie gets back on the intercom and offers a temptation. There are two lunchboxes on a nearby table. Inside one of the boxes is a Never Not card, which allows the holder to avoid "Have Not" status the entire summer. The other box has nothing. The next two people to drop get to open the boxes. At the 3:55 mark, David drops out. He opens one box and gets the blank card. Wah wah. Whoever drops next is guaranteed Never Not status. David knows he won't win against the other two guys, so he drops out and claims his prize. Nick makes a safety deal with McCrae, who smiles and nods to get what he wants. After four hours, McCrae is the first Head of Household for the season.

Back inside, Julie explains the remainder of the nominations twist. The third nominee will be decided by the Houseguest selected by America as the MVP – the person playing the best game this season. Each week, the person voted MVP will learn of their status in secret and select their nominee in secret. The third nominee will be announced before the Power of Veto competition, presumably before the player draw. In other words, floating is an even less viable strategy than before.

There you have it, the first episode of Big Brother 15. Sunday the show will air at 8pm and will feature the Have Not competition and the HoH nominations. Tuesdays at 9pm will include the MVP reveal, the MVP's nomination, and the Power of Veto proceedings. Wednesdays will be live eviction night. Over on TV Guide Network (TVGN), Big Brother After Dark will have two hours of livefeed coverage starting at Midnight.

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