10 Awesome Things About The Bachelorette Season 9 Episode 5
Jun 24 2013 10:16 pm CET

This week on The Bachelorette Des and company head to the beautiful city of Munich, Germany for her first trip trip to Europe.  There's a group date, a two-on- one and what I like to call a one-on-one-plus.

Chris is the new front runner, charming Desiree on their one-on-one exploration of Munich's haunts. Too bad it's rudely interrupted by one of the bachelors ready to fly the coop. On the group date the guys sled down the highest peaks in the country in the name of love. Bad-Boy-Ben finds himself pitted against Michael for a single rose on the two-on-one date. The top contenders are changing weekly – guys are sending themselves home and Des doesn't even have time to sketch in her beloved journal. Good night? Great night.

1) Munich, Germany is gorgeous!

2) The Hoodie Club. Looks like hoodies were on the European packing list for EVERYONE.

3) We get it, it's everyone's first time in Germany.

4) After deciding not to leave last week, it took a seven-hour flight from EWR to MUC for Bryden to change his mind and want to leave the show. Of course during her one-on-one date with someone else is the perfect time to hunt down Des and tell her. Then he steals her away from Chris. Des admittedly did say "anytime, come talk to me." This was probably not the time.

5) Chris recites his most recent ode to Des. I thought I could keep count, but I can't.

6) "We have something together none of the other guys can touch." - James and the kiss of death

7) Watching Juan Pablo try to say "yodeler" and then seeing the actual yodeler at the top of Germany's highest peak.  7.5) The producer who decided this number of people should sled down the mountain's black diamond course.

8) The Hot Tug is apparently a hot tub that literally floats in a larger body of water, in this case on a lake. Genius!

9) That awkward moment on the two-on-one date when Michael asks Ben why he's not friends with the other guys, and DESIREE steps in to defend Ben (Twice!) but finally sends him home and he clearly looks like a dude who's pride was shattered. To Producers: "You guys missed out, single dad....hi Hollywood."

10) Kasey's white sneakers-dark suit rose ceremony combo before poor Mikey from Chicago goes home, when the guys would have preferred she sent James and his womanizing ways home. Next week...he cries.

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