Sunday TV: Whodunnit, Devious Maids, Mad Men
Jun 23 2013 09:52 am CET

This is what's on TV Sunday, June 23, 2013.


ABC – 9pm – ABC decided to not bring back Glass House and instead have this show that is one part Murder in Small Town X, one part Clue, one part The Mole, and all the parts of that mystery weekend episode of Saved by the Bell. 13 contestants are invited to a mansion to solve a mystery, but those who fail will be "killed" and removed from the game. You can watch a sneak preview of the first ten minutes here.

Devious Maids

Lifetime – 10pm – If ABC's Mistresses isn't fulling your need for four women on the verge, perhaps this new series will satisfy the craving. Marc Cherry (creator of Desperate Housewives) also has a hand on this show about domestics who work for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills.

Mad Men

AMC – 10pm – The sixth season of Mad Men ends tonight. AMC and Matthew Weiner are offering no clues as to what can happen. The hilariously vague "Next Time" clips did not accompany last week's episode, and the official episode description is "Don has difficulties." How will the show set itself up for its final season?

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