10 Awesome things about The Bachelorette Season 9 Episode 4
Jun 18 2013 07:47 am CET

Des is flying high in planes and helicopters in post-Sandy Atlantic City. Fortunately for us, The Bachelorette is brought back down to earth by perhaps the most soft-spoken of the guys, Bryden, speaking up about bad boy Ben.

Des spends two one-on-one dates and one group date in the gambling capital of the east coast.  She can't seem to find a connection with Brad, and sends the singe dad home to Denver. On the group date, the guys are met by Miss America and compete in a pageant complete with interview, talent and swimsuit competitions. After Kasey (who?) is crowned the winner, Des and the guys chill by the pool where Zack W. sings Des a song and gets the rose. On the last date of the night, James and Des give their evening on the town to an elderly couple who lost everything in Hurricane Sandy.  Meanwhile over pizza and beer, James reveals he cheated on a previous girlfriend, but Des seems to be quick to get over the shock.  Can she also get over news of Ben not really being the good guy he is with her?

1) "There's part of me that wants to be that girl that completes his family."

2) "Dinner was good, dinner conversation was..." Des makes poor Brad climb all the way to the top of a lighthouse to immediately tell him his love can't "light the darkness."

3) Who's Casey? Kasey?

4) There he is, Mr. Bachelorette...The group date consists of a the guys competing in a pageant! Complete with roller slates, heels, and ribbons for them, not her.

5) New guy (ok, practically new) Kasey wins! By showing off mad tap dancing, uh, skills and spitting mad rhymes for the talent portion of the competition...

6) The swimsuit portion of the pageant: there are speedos, I repeat, there are speedos.

7) That moment when Ben decides his alone time with Des is best spent five feet away from the guys while they grumble about how much they hate him, and Des eats up everything coming out of his mouth.

8) The moment the older couple, Manny & Jan, Des and her one-on-one date James sent, on what's supposed to be their date, open up their wedding album previously damaged during Hurricane Sandy.  The couple have been married nearly 40 years and were about to celebrate their anniversary when the storm hit and damaged their coastal New Jersey home down to its studs.

9) "Are we in the friend zone?" - Chris   "No!" - Desiree. "Yes!" - Viewing Public

10) That moment we wish Bryden (gladiator hair) would just send himself home already after expressing doubts since his early dates and then we sit through the dramatic pause before he accepts the rose Des offers him.

Next week on The Bachelorette: The 12 guys left are off to Munich, Germany - home of beer, bratwurst and lederhosen!

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