Monday TV: Fast N Loud, Honey Do, Independent Lens
Jun 17 2013 07:27 am CET

This is what's on TV Monday, June 17, 2013.

Fast 'N' Loud

Discovery – 8pm – The third season of this souped-up vehicle reality show begins tonight with back-to-back episodes. A Ferrari F40 is the car linking tonight's episodes. Other vehicles include a Corvette C1, a Porsche 911, a 1917 REO, and a Dead Head bus.

Honey Do

TLC – 10pm – This home improvement show repairs broken windows and potentially broken families. A group of handymen will swoop in to take care of the repairs a husband hasn't gotten around to and that the wife is somehow incapable of tackling herself. I hope the premise isn't as gendered as this description, but I'm not optimistic.

Independent Lens

PBS – Check Local Listings – The 14th season of this documentary series wraps tonight with "The Revolutionary Optimists." Amlan Ganguly works to empower poor children in India, such as campaigning for potable water. We also see Ganguly working to get kids out of exploitative situations.

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