Eurovision Song Contest 2013 First Semi-Final Preview
May 14 2013 08:11 am CET

The 2013 Eurovision Song Contest enters its end phase Tuesday with the live broadcast of the First Semi-Final from Malmo, Sweden. Which 10 acts will advance to Saturday's final?

Here are the 16 countries competing in Tuesday's Semi-Final – click the links for reviews, and check out a video of all 16 entries in action:

First Semi-Final, Tuesday, May 14
1. Austria
2. Estonia
3. Slovenia
4. Croatia
5. Denmark
6. Russia
7. Ukraine
8. Netherlands
9. Montenegro
10. Lithuania
11. Belarus
12. Moldova
13. Ireland
14. Cyprus
15. Belgium
16. Serbia

Also voting in this semi-final will be Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The juries voted during dress rehearsals Monday night and the home audience will vote during today's broadcast. For each country, all the entries (except their own) will get ranked by the juries and televoters. After combining those scores, the top ten entries will receive points. The ten countries with the most points from all participants will move on to Saturday's Final, though we won't know the rankings or the score breakdown until after the competition.

Here are my picks for which ten countries will advance (in alphabetical order):
Austria, Belarus, Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine.

It should be noted that in my process Croatia finished 1 point behind 10th place while Estonia and Slovenia were only 2 points behind Croatia. I was 17/20 last year using the same process, though the new scoring mechanism can make the bubble at 9th and 10th place even trickier to predict.

We'll find out what happens when the show begins at 2100 CET / 3pm Eastern / Noon Pacific. You can watch the show live online at the Eurovision Song Contest website.

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