Eurovision Song Contest 2013: One Last Look at the 39 Entries
May 13 2013 08:13 am CET

We are in the homestretch of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest. This week, semi-finals will be held on Tuesday and Thursday to determine the 20 countries moving on to Saturday's Final. Here is the complete rundown of all 39 entries competing in Malmo, Sweden this year.

First Semi-Final, Tuesday, May 14
1. Austria
2. Estonia
3. Slovenia
4. Croatia
5. Denmark
6. Russia
7. Ukraine
8. Netherlands
9. Montenegro
10. Lithuania
11. Belarus
12. Moldova
13. Ireland
14. Cyprus
15. Belgium
16. Serbia

Second Semi-Final, Thursday, May 16
1. Latvia
2. San Marino
3. FYR Macedonia
4. Azerbaijan
5. Finland
6. Malta
7. Bulgaria
8. Iceland
9. Greece
10. Israel
11. Armenia
12. Hungary
13. Norway
14. Albania
15. Georgia
16. Switzerland
17. Romania

Grand Final, Saturday, May 18
TBD France
TBD Germany
TBD Italy
TBD Spain
TBD United Kingdom
16. Sweden

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