Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Spain - ESDM - Contigo Hasta el Final
May 02 2013 05:38 pm CET

Although Spain's entry "Contigo Hasta el Final" by ESDM isn't exactly radio or video friendly, the jam track could do extremely well on the Eurovision Song Contest stage. But is a strong live performance enough to make this Big 5 entrant relevant?

Country: Spain
Title: "Contigo Hasta el Final" ("With You Until the End")
Artist: ESDM
Last year's entry/position: "Quédate Conmigo" - Pastora Soler (10th Place)

Spain's entry is a curious one this year. As an audio track, "Contigo Hasta el Final" by ESDM can be confusing, opening with a Celtic tone before turning into a quiet pop song from late-1990's yogurt commercial. The video is nothing special and involves more horseplay than it should:

Although these criticisms suggest the song is not radio-friendly or telegenic, I think there is potential for a really strong stage performance, which is what ultimately matters at Eurovision. I could totally see this song performed on an outdoor stage in the middle of a park, with the band rocking out and the crowd dancing in the grass. Although that's not quite the same venue as Malmö Arena, this song could bring that aesthetic to the stage performance. I don't think Spain will win, but the country may be able to build on the goodwill from last year.

However, this raises the question of the alleged value of the Big 5 in the Eurovision Song Contest. This track does not feel like Spain is necessarily bringing their A-game to the competition, unlike last year. However, Spain underperformed last year, with rumors of Spain's delegation raising the concern that the country can't win because they can't afford to host the show. I'm not suggesting the country drop out of the Contest completely (Greece and Cyprus stuck around and they are in as dire of straits), but should Spain continue to receive a free pass to the Final?

Perhaps "Contigo Hasta el Final" is more of a taunt than a first glance would suggest.

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