Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: United Kingdom - Bonnie Tyler - Believe in Me
May 01 2013 07:34 pm CET

The United Kingdom should be doing better in the Eurovision Song Contest. Bonnie Tyler's "Believe in Me" is fine, but lacks the energy to make an impact in Malmo. What can the country do to get out of the basement?

Country: United Kingdom
Title: "Believe in Me"
Artist: Bonnie Tyler
Last year's entry/position: "Love Will Set You Free" - Englebert Humperdinck (25th Place)

United Kingdom has once again gone with an internal selection of an established music act, choosing "Believe in Me" by Bonnie Tyler. Given the track record the UK has had at Eurovision the last several years, the concept of "I Need a Hero" seems rather fitting for the delegation. However, I think this song misses the mark. Take a listen.

When the flurry of rumors began circulating hours before the official announcement that Bonnie Tyler would represent the UK, I know I was hoping for a song more along the lines of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" rather than a country western style ballad. The song is pleasant enough (ask Estonia how that's working out for them this year) and Bonnie Tyler's smoky delivery helps, but there's nothing particularly current about the track. The fact that this song could have been an entry in 1993, 2003, and any year in between is not likely to excite viewers or juries.

Unlike Belgium, I don't think the UK should necessarily abandon internal selections. Instead, I think the delegation needs to find an act that is modern and relevant to today's audience. Although The X Factor is on a rival network, there are several alumni who should be doing Eurovision – hey, it worked for Jedward the last two years. Someone like Misha B or Cher Lloyd would have brought some youth and energy which the UK has been lacking this year and last year. Also, people were legitimately excited about Blue repping the country in 2011 and the UK didn't finish at the bottom of the scoreboard. Or, perhaps the BBC should consider following through on the rumors of Girls Aloud or the Spice Girls performing. It doesn't have to be the full group: get Sporty Spice or Cheryl Cole. Also, something uptempo wouldn't hurt either.

I think the UK buys into the myth that Europe hates them and therefore won't give points. I don't think the other participants hate the UK or the songs – they just share the same indifference that seems to be fueling these selections.

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