Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Germany - Cascada - Glorious
Apr 30 2013 05:48 pm CET

Although Germany may have derived too much from last year's winner, "Glorious" by Cascada should be a solid entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. Though a win is not likely, it is possible that an entry paired with this track could receive a boost in the Final.

Country: Germany
Title: "Glorious"
Artist: Cascada
Last year's entry/position: "Standing Still" - Roman Lob (8th Place)

Germany has the most intriguing entry of the Big 5 in this year's Eurovision Song Contest. The choice of Cascade interests me because her participation seems more of a lateral move rather than a career stepping stone in either direction. Also, "Glorious" has received accusations of plagiarism, and who doesn't love a controversy?

The plagiarism questions stems from how similar this song is to last year's winning track "Euphoria" by Loreen. It is undeniable that "Glorious" is derivative of the dance track, but plagiarism is a serious allegation. Clones of previous winners usually happen with each Contest, but there's usually some extra twist thrown in to make the song unique-ish. I suppose the difference here is that "Glorious" is upbeat throughout while "Euphoria" is more of a slow build. I wouldn't call it plagiarism, but Germany should not be forcing us to have this conversation.

Regardless of the accusations, the song is expected to do well in the Final. Part of that is the star power Cascada brings to the table. She's no Lady Gaga, but the fact that she has had modest success in the United States is a fair indicator of her international appeal. United Kingdom has been trying to use a similar strategy the last few years, but it was smart of Germany to be current in its established artist selection (note: Germany used a public process). Also, of the Big 5, Germany is consistently the most Contest-friendly, which likely provides some legacy status with televoters and juries. Perhaps the reason Germany has been emulating other successful acts the last few years is because they understand that the ESC is first and foremost about entertainment, so go with what works.

Overall, Germany should do fine in the Contest. The track will easily flow in and out of many entries, so positioning should not be an issue. I wouldn't mind seeing this paired up with Netherlands or Lithuania if they should make it to the final, as the pairing should enhance all involved entries. I think it would be "Glorious."

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