Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: France - Amandine Bourgeois - L'enfer et Moi
Apr 29 2013 06:15 pm CET

France needs to improve its image with televoters in the Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately, the internally selected "L'enfer et Moi" by Amandine Bourgeois does not fit the specs of a successful ESC entry, which may mean a lackluster finish in Malmo.

Country: France
Title: "L'enfer et Moi" ("Hell and Me")
Artist: Amandine Bourgeois
Last year's entry/position: "Echo (You and I)" - Anggun (22nd)

France encountered an embarrassing situation in last year's Eurovision Song Contest. Although the song did not finish in last place in the Final, the less-than-stellar 22nd place was based solely on jury voting. Not a single country in the 41 others competing in Baku had televoters ranking "Echo (You and I)" in its Top 10, despite France using my suggestion of having models in tighty-whities doing calisthenics on stage. Poor positioning and an okay-but-not great song hurt France last year, and I'm worried the same may happen this year.

I should start by saying I like "L'enfer et Moi" by Amandine Bourgeois. The bluesy/rock/pop style is one that I respond to and, despite my minimal knowledge of French, find accessible. However, I don't think the track has broad appeal, which is not going to solve France's televoter problem. The other issue I have with the song is that the build to the climax doesn't come about naturally. You can almost visualize a three-minute countdown clock and by the time the second verse ends Bourgeois realizes she needs to fit the rest of the song into an even more limited amount of time.

Unfortunately, I don't think there is much France can do to salvage this entry. The song does not lend itself to a stage performance beyond Bourgeois singing behind a microphone with some backup singers. United Kingdom and Germany are bringing star power, while Italy continues its trend of solid entries. Perhaps France should consider moving to some form of public selection next year so it can stay out of weeds.

I expect this song to get positioned somewhere in the middle of the running order and not ranking much higher than 22d place. Sorry France.

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