Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Norway - Margaret Berger - I Feed You My Love
Apr 27 2013 06:02 pm CET

Norway makes a run for its second win in less than five years with "I Feed You My Love" by Margaret Berger. However, is the track too unconventional for the Eurovision Song Contest?

Country: Norway
Title: "I Feed You My Love"
Artist: Norway
Semi-Final: Second, Position 13
Last year's entry/position: "Stay" - Tooji (26th Place)

Norway is bouncing back from its last place finish in last year's Eurovision Song Contest Final with "I Feed You My Love" by Margaret Berger. This song is the favorite to win the second semi-final and a contender to bring the Contest back to Oslo. Here's the track:

Honestly, I'm surprised this track is considered a front-runner in the competition. The song is so outside the box from a typical Eurovision entry that I'm surprised it has any sort of traction. The electronics of the tune almost puts the song into the heavy metal category, which is traditionally a tough sell. There is not a clear hook to the song, yet people seem to have latched onto the track. Also – and this is my bias showing – I don't think the song is all that enjoyable. Perhaps the stage performance will change my mind, but I'm not looking forward to seeing what will be offered.

My personal taste aside, Norway has other factors to consider. First, the country did win in 2009 and perhaps it is too early to award another win. Also, with Sweden hosting this year and Denmark's entry considered the overall favorite, there could be more strategic voting happening in other regions of Europe. Also, if Bulgaria and (by some miracle) Montenegro make it to the Final, that will create competition in the "non-conventional" category.

I don't doubt that Norway will make it to the Final and score better than it did last year. But unless Berger knocks it out of the park in her stage performances, I think this song may finish lower than people are expecting.

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