Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Israel - Moran Mazor - Rak Bishvilo
Apr 25 2013 05:38 pm CET

Israel stands a good chance of getting back in to the Eurovision Song Contest Final with "Rak Bishvilo" by Moran Mazor. Could the ballad and comparisons to Adele allow for a Top 10 finish in Malmo?

Country: Israel
Title: "Rak Bishvilo" ("Only for Him")
Artist: Moran Mazor
Semi-Final: Second, Position 10
Last year's entry/position: "Time" - Izabo (DNQ, 13th of 18, first SF)

The last time Israel made it to the Eurovision Song Contest Final was in 2010 with the heart-felt ballad "Milim" by Harel Skaat. Though that entry finished in the middle of the pack in Oslo, I think "Rak Bishvilo" by Moran Mazor could be a potential contender in Malmö:

Initially I didn't have a strong opinion one way or another when this song became Israel's selection. However, in the ensuing weeks I've noticed the chorus of the song has proven to be quite the earworm in a rather pleasant. I think what triggered the earworm was an article from New York Magazine about Mazor no longer wearing Galliano for her performance. In the article, Mazor is mentioned as an "ethnic version of Adele," which is rather high praise. Eurovision usually doesn't get that much press in the States, particularly this early in the competition, so Mazor gets bonus points for getting people to pay attention.

Israel's entry shares a number of characteristics with Slovenia's entry, even though the songs are of different genres. Both entries encapsulate the entirety of their respective semi-finals. This song is a powerful ballad (San Marino and Azerbaijan) with a simple, accessible structure (Armenia and Georgia), but with a stage presence that allows the song to push through regardless of where it stands in the lineup (Norway and Bulgaria). There are not a lot of straight-up ballads competing this year, so if Mazor can make it to the Final, she stands a good chance of standing out in the crowd, gaining votes in the process.

I think "Rak Bishvilo" could sneak into the Top 10, so if you are in any Eurovision pools, keep this track on your short list.

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