Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Moldova - Aliona Moon - O Mie
Apr 22 2013 06:08 pm CET

Moldova's track record may be the deciding factor as to whether or not "O Mie" by Aliona Moon makes it to the Eurovision Song Contest Final. The country has squeaked through several times before, but will Moldova's luck run out in Malmo?

Country: Moldova
Title: "O Mie" ("A Million")
Artist: Aliona Moon
Semi-Final: First, Position 12
Last year's entry/position: "Lautar" - Pasha Parfeny (11th Place)

Since its Eurovision debut in 2005, Moldova has only missed one final. However, three of the country's attempts featured songs that barely qualified, finishing in 10th place in their respective semi-finals. I have a feeling "O Mie" by Aliona Moon will also be a close call for Moldova. Take a listen:

It should be noted that the song will be performed in Romanian rather than English on the Malmo stage. I like this choice, partly because I like hearing songs in other languages and partly because some of the lyrics will end up getting changed as a result. Specifically, "the Maya were not so wrong / it's the end of the world it's done." Yes, it's a cute line for 2013, but part of the universality of winning Eurovision entries is that they avoid being topical.

I am also concerned about Aliona Moon's performance. The video above is from the Moldovan national final and she is wearing a light display dress exactly like the one Sabina Babayeva wore as Azerbaijan's contestant last year in Baku. I don't fault countries trying to mimic the unbelievable success Azerbaijan has had in the Contest – Georgia's entry is totally drawing from Azerbaijan's winning entry in 2011. My concern is this entry pales in comparison to "When the Music Dies," so drawing the comparison unnecessarily may cause trouble.

What may work in Moldova's favor is basic math. There are 10 slots up for grabs. Even if all the acts that are not female soloists get through (which is not likely, but we're assuming the toughest scenario here), there are still four slots available. Russia, Ukraine and Denmark will likely claim three of those slots. Of the remaining entries, Moldova has the most solid track record for making it into the Final.

If this song does advance, it will probably finish in the middle of the pack at best. Still, I'd like to see Moldova make it to the Eurovision Song Contest Final.

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