Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Romania - Cezar - It's My Life
Apr 21 2013 06:08 pm CET

Romania will close out the semi-finals with "It's My Life" by Cezar, a countertenor. Though the vocal style is unusual, particularly for the Eurovision Song Contest, the gimmick is not enough to carry the lackluster song.

Country: Romania
Title: "It's My Life"
Artist: Cezar
Semi-Final: Second, Position 17
Last year's entry/position: "Zaleilah" - Mandinga (12th Place)

If the Eurovision Song Contest decides to continue with the producers selecting the running order rather than going by random draw, Romania may have figured out how to guarantee landing in the last position in the lineup. Take a listen to "It's My Life" by Cezar:

How do you follow that? Seriously, which of the other songs in the second half of the semi-final could possibly flow out of this song? As a result of this strategy, "It's My Life" is probably the most Eurovision-y entry this year – even the song title is an ESC go-to title (see also Austria's "Shine" and Switzerland's "You and Me").

I would be shocked if this song makes it into the Final. The second semi-final is rather competitive, with more than 10 entries worthy of advancing. Plus, there are legitimate underdogs (San Marino and Bulgaria) that televoters can root for and not waste their votes on what is amounting to a joke entry. I feel bad calling this song a joke entry, as this was a public selection and Romania has generally had a good track record with their submissions. However, if you remove the pyrotechnics and the countertenor gimmick, there is nothing going on with this track.

The last time a semi-final closer failed to make a final was in 2009 (sorry, Netherlands). I have a feeling 2013 will be the new benchmark. Sorry, Romania.

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