Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Serbia - Moje 3 - Ljubav je Svuda
Apr 20 2013 06:25 pm CET

Serbia's impressive track record at the Eurovision Song Contest should continue thanks to "Ljubav je Svuda" by Moje 3. Although the song has some issues, the entry fills in many gaps in the competition, which will help complete the field in Malmo.

Country: Serbia
Title: "Ljubav je Svuda" ("Love is Everything")
Artist: Moje 3
Semi-Final: First, Position 16
Last year's entry/position: "Nije Ljubav Stvar" - Zeljko Joksimovic (3rd Place)

Serbia has been one of the most consistent performers at the Eurovision Song Contest, appearing in all but one final since beginning its participation in 2004 (as Serbia and Montenegro). Though the country tends to do better with ballads than straight up pop songs, "Ljubav je Svuda" by Moje 3 could be a strong contender. Take a listen:

Serbia has many advantages in the semi-final. They were granted the opportunity to perform last, which will provide a huge voting boost. Second, they are one of only three groups in the first semi-final. Frankly, I don't see Croatia or Montenegro creating much of a threat on that front. Moje 3 are also one of the only groups in the entire competition who fit neatly in the "pop" category. I would argue this song could qualify as J-Pop, as it bears many stylistic similarities to various anime soundtracks.

Unfortunately, I don't envision Serbia improving on their third-place finish from last year. As with a lot of J-Pop, the song sounds rather dated. Though the stage performance could be quite good as all three singers have presence, there's nothing about the song that screams 2013. Also, I've noticed Serbian entries tend to be songs that just stop rather than reach a logical conclusion, which should work great at the end of the semi-final, but if the song is in the middle of the lineup in the Final it will be jarring rather a point of transition. Frankly there are songs that are more engaging and modern than this entry.

But getting to the Final is what is important, and Serbia has nothing to worry about.

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