Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: FYR Macedonia - Esma & Lozano - Pred Da Se Razdeni
Apr 19 2013 07:30 pm CET

FYR Macedonia gets a little too artsy with their entry "Pred Da Se Razdeni" by Esma & Lozano, which will make it tough for the country to make it to the Eurovision Song Contest Final. Are vocals enough to carry a song through to the big stage?

Country: FYR Macedona
Title: "Pred Da Se Razdeni" ("Before the Sunrise")
Artist: Esma & Lozano
Semi-Final: Second, Position 3
Last year's entry/position: "Crno y Belo" - Kaliopi (13th Place)

Last year, FYR Macedonia broke a four-year losing streak. Unfortunately, this year's entry will have trouble making visits to the final a trend. Take a listen:

Part of my problem with this entry is that I really liked FYR Macedonia's original entry "Imperija" also by Esma & Lozano. That song was an earworm with a decent division of labor between the singers. Apparently, the song was not popular in the home office, bringing about the change. However, this song isn't really a song – it's more like two half-ideas slamming together in hopes that something will make sense.

The producers of the Contest did a good job of mitigating the awkwardness of the entry. The song will enter on the sweeping energy of San Marino's entry and then lead into the ballad from Azerbaijan. The song does provide a nice bridge between the two entries, but serving as a transition does not bode well for an entry's chance in advancing.

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