Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Lithuania - Andrius Pojavis - Something
Apr 18 2013 05:36 pm CET

Lithuania brings some romanticism to the Eurovision Song Contest with "Something" by Andrius Pojavis. Will having several friends in the semi-final provide a ticket to the Final, or will poor placement in the running order cause trouble for the entry?

Country: Lithuania
Title: "Something"
Artist: Andrius Pojavis
Semi-Final: First, Position 10
Last year's entry/position: "Love is Blind" - Donny Montell (14th Place)

Lithuania is a tricky country to predict in the Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals. Last year's entry finished third in its semi-final (going last likely helped), 2011's entry advanced despite being one of many female ballads, and 2010's entry (which I think is the best of the three songs) did not qualify. The good news is this year's song, "Something" by Andrius Pojavis, stands a pretty good shot of making it to the Final unequivocally. Take a listen:

What I dig about this track is the mixing of 80's new wave music with vocals and lyrics reminiscent of modern groups such as The Killers. The story of the song is simple, as is the delivery, but there's a sincerity that Pojavis sells effectively. The track is incredibly radio-friendly, most likely a result of the combination of the above attributes. Working against the entry is the fact it was chosen so early in the process, people may have forgotten about the song. However, with a style drawing influences from multiple decades, there's a timelessness to the track which should allow audiences to connect and re-connect.

I'm not too worried about this song's chances in advancing. The glut of former SSRs in the first semi-final will likely result in some points collusion. However, the entry's placement between Montenegro and Belarus will be one of the more awkward transitions in this year's Contest. Also, with Belgium performing later in the lineup, that could cause some forgetfulness among televoters. I almost wish Lithuania and Belgium would swap positions, both for aesthetics and because if only one can go to the final, I would rather it be Lithuania.

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