Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Bulgaria - Elitsa & Stoyan - Samo Shampioni
Apr 17 2013 06:18 pm CET

Elitsa & Stoyan are back on the Eurovision Song Contest stage in the hopes of taking Bulgaria back to the Final. Will the drums make "Samo Shampioni" a shoo-in for qualification in Malmo?

Country: Bulgaria
Title: "Samo Shampioni" ("Only Champions")
Artist: Elitsa & Stoyan
Semi-Final: Second, Position 7
Last year's entry/position: "Love Unlimited" - Sofi Marinova (DNQ, 11th* of 18, Second SF)
* Bulgaria tied for 10th place with Norway, but a 12 from Estonia broke the tie in Norway's favor.

Elitsa & Stoyan are veterans of the Eurovision Song Contest, having been the only act from Bulgaria to advance to a Final back in 2007. Not only did they advance, the duo finished in 5th place behind heavyweights Serbia, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. With a strong stage performance, "Samo Shampioni" could rack up the points. Take a listen:

Oddly enough, this song was not the original Bulgarian selection. "Kismet," also by Elitsa & Stoyan, tied with this song and was the audience favorite. However, "copyright issues" (interpret that code as you wish) allowed the runner-up to proceed. This is great news for Bulgaria, because the monotone "Kismet" would have been disastrous.

Everything about this entry is telegenic. The instrumentation, while drawing from Bulgarian tradition, has an exotic quality to it that should charm viewers. The vocals layer with the bagpipe in a way that mitigates the screechiness of either taken separately. Then there are the drums. They need to be the centerpiece of the stage performance, particularly if they can coordinate lighting effectively.

The duo's placement in the running order should also boost Bulgaria's chances. The song follows Malta's entry, and no one will confuse the two of them. Iceland's entry will follow, which is unfortunate placement for the island country. The only issue Bulgaria has to be concerned with is the abundance of bands in the second half of the semi-final. However, since none of those groups – or really any of the entries – are heavy on drums, "Samo Shampioni" should stand out in televoters' minds.

Frankly, I think Bulgaria was robbed last year. Yes, I didn't like the entry in my review, but that stage performance was one of the best in the entire competition. I hope Bulgaria gets a spot in the final this year with this fantastic entry.

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