Ratings news: Are you watching Ready for Love? No, you're not
Apr 17 2013 12:39 pm CET

After months of promotion, shifting premiere dates to provide the best possible launch, and placement behind one of the top shows on TV, NBC's Ready for Love has proved to be a ratings disaster.

In its second week on the air, the two-hour matchmaking competition managed to hemorrhage 12 million viewers over the course of the broadcast. The Voice, which precedes Ready for Love had 14.6 million views in its second half-hour; Love had 2.7 million viewers by the end of its episode. Most of the drop happened during the first half-hour, when Love registered 4.8 million viewers.

This fall of the cliff was even more drastic than last week's debut. Over 8 million people changed the channel after The Voice, with a total of 10 million people leaving the peacock network over the course of the premiere.

Suddenly those Smash numbers on Tuesday night aren't looking so bad...

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