Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Switzerland - Takasa - You and Me
Apr 15 2013 05:47 pm CET

Switzerland has taken what has been successful for other countries in the Eurovision Song Contest to create its entry "You and Me" by Takasa. Will the strategy turn around the recent bad luck streak experienced by the Swiss?

Country: Switzerland
Title: "You and Me"
Artist: Heilsarmee Takasa
Semi-Final: Second, Position 16
Last year's entry/position: "Unbreakable" - Sinplus (DNQ, 11th of 18, First SF)

Switzerland has had a run of bad luck in the last few Eurovision Song Contests. In 2010, the country landed in absolute last place. In 2011, the Swiss entry made it to the Final, but an unfortunate position draw placed the country at the bottom of the scoreboard. Last year, Switzerland just missed qualifying. This year, Takasa tries to break the bad luck streak with "You and Me," an entry that homogenizes many successful entries from the past few years:

As you can see, we have a rock band in somewhat traditional costumes, including the oldest participant in this year's competition, singing a simple melody with a vocabulary so basic translation is not required. Oh, and the group courted controversy over their previous name (Heilsarmee) and costumes because Salvation Army regalia violates ESC's "No Branding" rules. All the stage performance needs is pyrotechnics up the wazoo, and we will have one of the most Eurovision-ish entries in the last decade. In short: I do not like this entry.

However, my dislike for the entry is probably causing me to underestimate just how well this will do in both the second semi-final and the overall Contest. The song is the second-to-last entry in a semi-final that is literally a battle of the bands. Greece and Armenia are direct competition, but then you also have the duos from Bulgaria and Albania rocking out on the stage. I have a difficult time seeing all five acts get through, but of the five this track seems to be the most accessible to the widest audience. In my most recent ranking of entries, this jumped up to 11th place, and again I think my bias is causing a lower than accurate ranking.

It will be interesting to see how this entry affects Switzerland in the long term. If this entry is successful, I could see more hybrids of cliches in the offing.

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