Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Entry: Croatia - Klapa s Mora - Mizerja
Apr 14 2013 06:06 pm CET

Croatia's experiment with the vocal stylings of Klapa s Mora in the song "Mizerja," while daring, will most likely result in another missed Eurovision Song Contest Final. However, could the new scoring system allow the jury to give this song a chance in Malmo?

Country: Croatia
Title: "Mizerja"
Artist: Klapa s Mora
Semi-Final: First, Position 4
Last year's entry/position: "Nebo" - Nina Badric (DNQ, 12th of 18, Second SF)

Croatia has struggled mightily to get into the Eurovision Song Contest Final in recent years. The country has not even come close to qualifying since a jury wildcard placed it in the 2009 Final, despite having some decent entries (I'm still bummed about "Nebo" not making it last year). Unfortunately, I think "Mizerja" by Klapa s Mora will cause the losing streak to extend for another year:

Similar to my concerns about Montenegro's entry, I have a difficult time seeing televoters throwing much support behind the entry, though the juries may be more forgiving. The vocal styling is unusual for Eurovision, which means points for originality. However, one only needs to go back to 2011, when France's operatic entry was a favorite to win the Contest only to finish in 15th place.

The principal problem with this entry is that the Croatian delegation painted itself into a corner. This song was an internal selection after putting out a call for klapa (choral) singers. Choosing six singers means eliminating the possibility of having anyone else on stage. Since the song only features two of the six members of the group, that means a lot of standing around and waiting by the other four, which has been happening at live performances and even a little bit in the video above. That does not make for good television, particularly during the interlude when no one is singing. Furthermore, it feels like Croatia is trying to market the group as a boy band, which adds to the confusion. And, as if this entry didn't have enough problems, it will be followed by the block of ESC favorites.

The one factor that may help Croatia is the new score ranking system. This year, the juries have to come up with a complete ranking of the competition, not just produce a list of its chosen top 10. The televote will be similarly ranked, and the combined rankings will determine which countries receive points. If the juries are favorable to this song while the televoters have a lukewarm response, the combination of points may be enough to eke out extra 1's, 2;s and 3's.

I doubt that will be enough to push Croatia into the Final, but the adventurousness of this entry should be rewarded in some fashion.

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